my $1,000,000 sneaker collection…

my $1,000,000 sneaker collection…


  1. you're so pretty!!!

  2. Guille Avoledo

    Why do you say you name like sachi or tashi???

  3. A like lookbook where you create outfits that go with each of your sneakers would be SO cool and helpful!

  4. her modeling the shoes is sooooo cute

  5. i was soooo confused when she put the adidas logo instead of nike i had to GO BACK LMAO

  6. So sad ur not vegan anymore just for the sake of some shoes :(((

  7. Lucrezia dalla cia

    AHAHAH the end of the videoooo

  8. Literally have 3 pairs of shoes. Plz donate nike af1, tah muchly xo

  9. Tati is the ultimate sneaker head

  10. Guusje Nillesen

    love the intro !! <3 <3

  11. cool video ! I am personally on team Adidas for all their cool outfit !!

  12. Its FILA disruptor, not destroyer. Also the high air forces are nike air force SAGE's.

  13. So wasteful, both of money and the earth's resources. How do you justify having/spending so much when you don't need it and so many people have so little?

  14. Million lmao

  15. Sara Lampshire

    She used to go to the same school that I go to now

  16. okay, so to everyone hating on tati because she’s wearing leather being vegan WHO THE FUCK CARES, she’s still helping the planet by eating on a plant based diet so just shut up and let her be

  17. I just wanna say that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BANGS. So much that i got them myself lmao.

  18. Omg I love this I’m so happy seeing other girls love sneakers as much as me

  19. fila destroyer???? y’all i’m DEAD

  20. Ruby-Eloise Jones

    That was the under armour logo at the beginning not puma xx

  21. Alexandra Palmer

    How does she pronounce her name…? Tati or tachi?

  22. Cows suffered for those leather shoes

  23. Barbara De Giorgio

    bangs suit you so well !
    ly <3

  24. I think I am the only person that hates sneakers

  25. Makyden Parreira

    I really want pink high top converse!

  26. 2:57 my ocd is killing me rn

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