1. Adidas collection where da Stan smiths gazelles campus superstars!!!!!!!!

  2. hydro-hoot-hoot

    im a 1o but just found the channel im so gutted i own 33 pairs bt adidas are the NO1 design

  3. I want to ask how long it takes to decide which pair to wear.

  4. I like the way how you stack your shoes

  5. YesPLEASE ! :O

  6. Them 950s uuuuglaaaaay

  7. This is random but does anybody know where you can get the thing where he keeps his shoes

  8. can someone point me in the direction of the grey japan boost for a reasonable price (not $330)

  9. he isn't into star wars omg

  10. Simona Stasaitytė

    That first pare from second store wasnt realessed

  11. sneaker collection on fleek good video keep up the good work.

  12. Am 6.5

  13. Can I have some Yeezy nmd

  14. its surprising that is guy actually bought a 25 dollar shoe

  15. Fantastic_ Foe_

    do you have tubular knits

  16. What do you mean before Adidas were hot ?!… I'm done

  17. Can someone tell me what deadstock means?

  18. so is this guy "The" Mr. Wynn's son?

  19. first of all y da fuk in every video he acts like he doesnt care and secondly he doesnt even show to sneaker properly its pissin me off

  20. money well spent.

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