1. We're all gonna have different tastes when it comes to shoes, cars, shows, movies and everything else in life. Hopefully we can have respect for one other and each other's opinions! Have a good night, everyone!

  2. All of these are addias bruv

  3. Can Someone link me the video where he's in LA and he goes into a store and buys some Nike Rosche ones and he gives a dude some clout and money or something.

  4. Bitch the human races are not underrated they be the most hyped nmds ever

  5. I got my first pair of NMDs 4 months ago and I love the way they look and they are so comfortable for everyday wear and they are the Prime Knit Linen Khaki and my next pair of shoes will definantly be another pair of NMDs or I might try some Ultra Boosts.

  6. LMFAO WHAT A HYPE BEAST IDC THO Thats YOU!hypebeast only like the shit everyone does sadass lmao sadass boy smh.

  7. Ordered an Ali-A online, this is what came in…

  8. Cristobal Esteban

    I love yeezys

  9. UnlimitedCrafts

    Dude i have the ultra boost adidas the first shoe but i have it orange white and grey

  10. Hype beast

  11. I have not watched this video but I’m going to guess it is pretty much all hyped Adidas shoes, mostly ultraboost or yeezys maybe NMDS if he is extravagant.

  12. in my opinion (which literally nobody agrees with ) all primeknit nmd suck

  13. Bro ultra boost are fucking gay

  14. My best friend is your cousin

  15. The Henry and Juvenal show

    Your nmd Black are fake ass fuck

  16. I didn’t know he did shoes.

  17. Trashing him for his sneaker collection, it's all subjective guys, you like your shoes, he likes his

  18. Hahahahahahahahhaha i thoght the 3rd ultra boost shown were new balences

  19. Sorry nade but you just don't come off as a sneaker head but more of a hype beast and it makes you sound kind of cringy when you talk about the shoes and say wrong stuff

  20. Black Spiderman 301

    Hes a hypebeast, but he kinda admits it

  21. Black Spiderman 301

    I'm just glad he roasted the Nmd so hes not a super hypebeast

  22. Yoda Master Jedi

    Why you got fake v2's

  23. You know your the biggest hypebeast when all you have is adidas in your collection

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