My Best Friend’s Insane Sneaker Collection

My Best Friend’s Insane Sneaker Collection


  1. william Jørgensen

    Jake wears his kicks bsneak doesent

  2. Likeeee the vid

  3. Malik's Kicks

    ​Go subscribe and watch my videos if you love shoes, clothes, and other hype beast items. Click now! I'm trying my hardest and am posting 2-4 videos a week

  4. Like hell, would never want to see jake anywhere

  5. Ahhahha they look like vans

  6. «Our favorite»

  7. Naah the colored where first

  8. Nimesh Biyani

    When the boy is excited he's like…..yeeeaaahhh yeaaaahh yeaaahh

  9. Lol, in the beginning of the video I was like p, dang his sideburns remind me of Elvis, then later in the video it said he played Elvis

  10. Sneaker Sauce

    so if i can't afford a 300-1200$ shoe I'm not a hype beast, thats bull!

  11. Video question, how do they make their videos have that type of coloring?

  12. Donald & Aliyah

    I really wish I can meet y’all one day and tell y’all to your face that y’all are a cancer

  13. Hollie Skinner

    Why does Blake sound like he’s whispering?

  14. He actually uses his shoes

  15. lets get it , I'm getting a camera in my bedroom as well. lmao dope video bro

  16. I followed both accounts

  17. Just 2 fags, showing the same goddamn shoes everytime

  18. Nice collection

  19. Aka Sayf the Gamer

    jake knows a bit about football

  20. Brooooo how does jake beat it with that camera in his room lmaoooo

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