1. The new v2s are definitely the best v2s made

  2. Lil Yachty still has a better shoe collection

  3. hmmmmmmmm

  4. Xxx Assassin123

    When that Nigga said “let me show you my other two rows” I died a little inside. Nah but seriously I liked the vid

  5. 5:42 glad to see her breaking the oppressing ways of the middle eastern culture of women as slave baby makers

  6. Who else cringed when he was pulling apart the pine green 4s

  7. Anyone know where the shoe cabinet is from

  8. This motherfucker at first he was all about lebron in LA and is the GOAT. This dude is more fake than plastic surgery. He contradict himself so much.

  9. mr 713kiddyella

    I need those unc 3s….so dope to have in your collection..

  10. There are better collections on YouTube lol

  11. ……. Stack Money, Not Fashion

  12. Just imagine u have so much sneaker but u r going to die soon

  13. Jeffrey Jackson

    Bro do you ever stop and think about the fact that you make videos showing everybody how many material possessions you have like that makes you some kind g or something…… you look foolish bruh.

  14. its Dj Bigboy Cheng

  15. you are not the biggest hypebeast in youtube

  16. Can I get1 ov your shoes

  17. Bandwagon Warriors fan ?

  18. I love sneakers but i dont have money to buy one

  19. Those psg’s are sooooo dope!!!!!!

  20. Edward Plakstis

    Worthys where are you from bro? Hicksville?

  21. One of my substitute teachers pulled up wit some turtle doves

  22. SIZZLE MASTER Productions

    Fam be the GOAT

  23. DJ Big Boy Cheng says No.

  24. The PERFECT PAIR, makes your collection look weak AF!

  25. Well…

    I always shop at the dollar store

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