My Entire Air Jordan Collection – Part 1

My Entire Air Jordan Collection – Part 1


  1. Video takes to damn long to get to the point

  2. life goals

  3. Feeling Bordeaux 12s and both Gatorade's but gotta chill so royals and yeezys if no yeezys green Gatorade and 12s or love n respect 13s

  4. CHeck out this collection for sale and be sure to like the fb page for some of the best jordans and sneakers for sale

  5. Big booty Chicana

    Wtf foo damm let me have some how much it cost u in total ? I bet all those shoes is my intire house rent

  6. 놀래라… 임신부 노약자 심신미약자 첫장면 주의

  7. I got air jordans retro 1 size 4 and there red

    Btw I'm in 4th grade almost ten so that's why I'm size 4

  8. Typical Football dude

    I looked at the thumbnail and was like this nigga has more j's than I have had shoes

  9. damn that's about 50 to 60 grand worth of kicks! do you even wear them?

  10. Lol wtf

  11. S҉L҉A҉Y҉_҉D҉E҉_҉O҉P҉P҉Z҉


  12. Damn bro! You guys wasting money and making China rich lol

  13. I got a pair of white jordans with a big golden jordan sign on the out side ankle. The material is white mesh with a grayish soft plastic that goes all over the shoe like a web but i dont know what theyre called do any of you guys know

  14. I have some red wighte and black ones along with gold and wighte jordans

  15. I'd leave them out like forever as I love to look at my shoes. I'd never put them away. or I'd dedicate a room for them & lay them all out & when I want to I can go in that room & look at all my shoes.

  16. but you got shoes

  17. you did not do nothing but put your shoes out


  19. how many pars of shoes the you have

  20. vlogerpro delgrosso

    I like your jordans

  21. Your gonna need a bigger house!

  22. Damn, my wife thought i had too many sneakers. im showing her thos video,Time to step up my game.

  23. Hello Are there any risks to keep pairs of jordans in their boxes without ever having them? ,
    Because I keep several pairs in my room that I never unpacked, I want
    to specify that my pairs are in their boxes on a shelf Thanks to those
    who will answer me

  24. Ghoul - Clash Royale


  25. no dub zeros? shame!!!!

  26. Official Zigzagend

    best I've ever seen in my life this guy is ballin

  27. woah ,bet serious sneakers fans i have ever seen !!!


    what could i do with 20 million dollars. .hmm i could spend it all on jordans

  29. TheJayde&JazmynnShow

    Your littttt I only have 100 pairs of Jordan's wanna buy me some

  30. WOW Bro Awesome collection. im a big Jordan fan of the man and sneakers too 🙂 regrettably sold all of my collection 🙁
    hmmm if I won da lottery I'd probably start a collection again like yours. lol

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