My ENTIRE Shoe Collection! *UPDATED*

My ENTIRE Shoe Collection! *UPDATED*


  1. CLARKS BOY’S BEVEN TIME BLUE LEATHER SPORTS SHOES good merits brush to remove levbel dirt

  2. I have two pairs of shoes but you only need 2 pairs of shoes

  3. Racer54 Racer54

    Hey can you tell me what all your red shoes are

  4. what about the sc-2

  5. waste of money on a lot of cheap shoes.

  6. 0:10-0.15 pornhub couch lol

  7. 5 subs = daily vlogs

  8. Those fucking metallica vans are so beautiful

  9. Jacklyn Hernandez

    that is like a whole storw

  10. Nigga can wear a different pair of shoes for a straight month or more

  11. What's that shoe with the 18 on it

  12. The Nigga who FAQ yo gal Nigga

    I thought there were gonna be more J's tho.

  13. do u need help paying for rent?

  14. share mo lang?

  15. this is the worst sneeker colection ever

  16. do you have space jams

  17. how many shoes are in your collection

  18. This man has no 9s

  19. they all suck

  20. damn I bet all those shoes cost more than my house

  21. the vlogging cuzzins

    dang, huaraches have been sticking for a long time and now ppl are wearing them and getting in to the style lol

  22. We're is the boost

  23. You got some nice kicks

  24. my birthday is 2 days after yours but i am only 9

  25. Chris D'Ononofrio

    Tell em to sell everything besides roshies kd and jordans

  26. when the jordans was suppose to be straight fire , should've went from jordan's to downstairs ..

  27. We're dem js at boy

  28. I just have 2 pairs of shoes…..

  29. Boy you got no heat


  31. I want a par Jordan shoes size12.

  32. u dont have any 11s

  33. Damn bruh that's a lot of kicks
    . I only have 3 pairs of shoes lol

  34. how do you go from 45 minutes to two hours to probably more

  35. eeeew da fuq is this collection

  36. By far the ugliest shoes

  37. Oh wow.. im only have 6 pairs shoes..

    1 Skecher , 2 Airwalk , 1 Tomkins ,1 Adidas and 1 Vans

  38. how many shoes he got

  39. lamone Williams

    those shits whack is hell

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