1. Guys gave my sneakers to mo VLOGS today he brought all my sneakers out on YouTube

  2. Big fan here

  3. You have just wasted the money

  4. This nffdrrrqf got the most shit profile pic on yt

  5. I really like GUCCI sneakers shoes

  6. Ba-ni-sh Ba-ra-l

    Putting shoes in Mustang car you are crazy

  7. Việt tivi Nguyễn

    A oi cho e xin 1 doi lam ki niem duoc k

  8. Devansh pareek Pareek

    you r rich person

  9. dubai richest youtuber sneakers collection
    the people who are criticizing him they know they will never afford thease expensive shoes

  10. Đại gia giầy là đây chứ đâu

  11. Anshul Singh Rawat

    Bro. Gift me ur shoe

  12. Is he rich ?

  13. YOYO MO

  14. TreVante Rogers

    I like the oreos

  15. You is dog

  16. Yeezy 350 v2 ♥️

  17. Justin bieber bieber

    you don't have any pair of balenciaga

  18. check out my sneaker collection

  19. Supreme gloves

  20. need some shoes….need to win mo

  21. I am kinda a sneaker head who only has the10's

  22. Yeezy s

  23. Jerichojosh8 Joshuajerickantony

    Sorry I mean mo give me one pair of any shoe

  24. Jerichojosh8 Joshuajerickantony

    No please give me one pair of any shoe

  25. Ferrari shoes is my favorite

  26. Jordan and gucci

  27. I want puma shoes

  28. Gucci yezy nike Jordan Adidas reebook anta underarmor vans Polo puma filA runers

  29. Nice!!! I finally made my channel to show off my kicks!

  30. Ovo 12’s

  31. Cool here in dominican republic they eat one month with one of those shoes jaja

  32. I like gucci but can you do football trainers

  33. Mohammad KESH Turk

    Congratulation 6 million subscriber

  34. My name is Rashaad Eric Akil i like ur life style

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