My ENTIRE Sneaker Collection!!

My ENTIRE Sneaker Collection!!


  1. Dudes hair hella beat

  2. Natali Balleteros

    3 mins in and ur collection already fireeeeee…. okay proceeding to watch

  3. Frander Skinner

    Stormi Webster lookin ahhhh

  4. Frander Skinner

    This nigga looks exactly like Kylie’s child

  5. Teija Wahid-Wareham

    Infrared 6s are some heat cmon now!

  6. 1:17 he says he needs a ladder and pulls that chair out…lol

  7. The clay green 1's that came in that pack with the yellow bois, and the blue moons are my #1 GRAILS. Absolutely love them

  8. MeChan Mao-Ward

    this is the only sub were i let the ads play all the way through

  9. Sneaker life comment if you have a good collection and like if your a good youtuber

  10. I know for a fact this guy listens to J Cole

  11. Lit asss collection holms

  12. Kicks In Motion

    Fam throw some shoes up on your site

  13. Bred toes Jordan 1s my favorites! Gold toe looks amazing…love Jordan 1s

  14. Can anyone point me in the right direction of that hoodie?

  15. Bruh, how do you stay in a room with so much heat! Dope collection bro! Part II?

  16. Can someone link me as to where I can get those shoe shelves in Australia?

  17. Mi nigga watz good dope video like always salute big G 303 stand up

  18. Love the versatility of the shoes in your collection. I think that’s the most important thing about appreciating not just sneakers but shoes in general. From the way they’re made to the functionality of them. Very cool.

  19. just wish the channel was how it used to be

  20. Amazing collection!!!! Dope pick ups my guy!!!!! If you dont mind me asking WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR SHOE CONTAINERS ? I have a collection of shoes and I cant find those boxes anywhere in my town. Please help a fellow sneaker head out! Thank you !

  21. I just got some Lebron witness and some Jordan Retro 12

  22. Cmon man wear ur shoes

  23. Couldn't find a good name

    Hey dude, idk if you gonna see this, but I just feel like I’m gonna turn into a big-time sneaker head. Sorry if that sounds weird lol but I got seven pairs of Jordan’s so far, two of em are deadstock, the rest are in great condition, and I’m still in high school. I see all of these Youtubers saying they started in high school and idk I just think I have what it takes to collect shoes like this

  24. Yo those pants in the intro, where’d you get em?


  26. i know you got it back a couple vids back, but it's dope to have the classic 'hands in the air now' back

  27. What was that pair of shoes with the stock x logo on the back

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