My ENTIRE Sneaker Collection! 2019 Air Jordan, OFF WHITE Nike , Yeezy, Adidas etc

My ENTIRE Sneaker Collection! 2019 Air Jordan, OFF WHITE Nike , Yeezy, Adidas etc


  1. why is nick foles showing off his collection on yt??

  2. Never pressed the 10 seconds forward button as many times as this

  3. Congrats on the poshmark commercial, I just saw u on my tv and was like “hey that’s Seth Fowler”

  4. Sky M3RK music is bomb

    Seth Fowler rn is just stage 2 of turning into foamer Simpsons

  5. Am i the only 1who thinks he looks like garret from dp

  6. PanchJuhana Makitalo

    These are all my size ooooo baby

  7. SlimPolo Big facts

    Yes!!!!! I got you on the Carmine’s!!!!!! DS baby!!!! Fuxk yeaahhh!! So far seeing that most your shoes are regular as fuxk

  8. Daris Osmanovic 9D Rosengårdskolen

    Nice video Seth

    I’m just curious about how the air force utility fit. I’m usually af 45 EU, what should I then buy?

  9. For purple Friday I wear the Nike royal purple vandals, unless it’s raining I wear the Gatorade purple ones.

  10. Do you not have the Bape Ultraboost in the Black Camo or Green Camo

  11. this is such an inspiration tbh

  12. I love the Reversed Motorsport 4’s not bc of the beautiful silhouette but it’s also my first Jordan pair, so yes I got into the game pretty late a lil bit before my high school graduation

  13. Yo those Puma Polaroids are fire why have I never seen them

  14. Full of hypebeasts kicks

  15. Been a fan since 2016, brother. Keep it up. However, YOU KNOW, you believe in bad juju since you didn’t wear the court purple’s to the playoff game lol. Keep the fire videos coming!

  16. sorry bud bu uhhh, the ravens dont luz cuz of ur shuzzzzzz….

  17. You were all about the sesame 350 V2 when it released….but it didn’t make the cut.

  18. Imagine a Nike Air and Adidas Boost collaboration

  19. Dm me if u need sneakers

  20. Why Is My Face So Ashy

    My boy Seth got engaged?!

  21. I liked that ending quote

  22. Around 97 I went into a footlocker and they had those chicago jordan 1s for $20 and I got them and treated them like $20 shoes. Fucking stupid 18 year old. Dammit.

  23. Probably the first youtuber to actually wear their shoes

  24. damn Seth you really put on weight!

  25. nice collection, i like that you have somewhat of a variety. some those kicks i never seen or heard of. im a 90s sneakerhead, but i do like the ultra boosts thanks to your channel i tried them out finally lol, very comfortable

  26. I love the AKOG UB. Waiting to buy em and your video on them really helped me decide

  27. For those who want a summary regarding Seth's sneaker collection total:
    Puma: 9
    SSUR: 1
    Converse: 3
    Vans: 2
    Q4: 1
    Li-Ning: 1
    Adidas Basketball: 2
    Nike Basketball: 2
    Adidas Lifestyle: 8
    Nike Lifestyle: 8
    Nike Airmax: 3
    Nike Air Force: 4
    Nike exclusives (SB, Presto, Grim Reaper): 3
    Adidas AM: 2
    Adidas Ultraboost: 13
    Pharell Williams (Adidas): 3
    Yeezy's: 6
    Adidas 4D: 2
    Nike FOG: 2
    Nike Jordan family: 2
    Nike Air Jordans: 35
    Total Sneakers in Seth's current collection when he made this video: 112

  28. Oh yeah nahui

  29. I feel ya on the creases. Creases on AJ1's are like shit streaks on tidy whities both unavoidable. In this video you mentioned tripling up on the Breds and selling a pair in 2016 to pay rent. Did you purchase all 3 of those pairs on Poshmark?

  30. U dont have j4 KAWS??

  31. feel the same way about the FOG1's. I had a pair and had to sell them because i just couldn't pull them off. They also ran way to big so it made it look even more ridiculous

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