1. Kenji 健二 Fujimoto 藤本

    This stupid kid will buy any hypebitch shit without knowing half of the story behind the product with mommy and daddy's $$$. If u sit down n chat with these type of morons, they'd be quiet n dumbstruck the whole time. FAKE ASS POSER

  2. You know what i respect jews by the way i'm muslim

  3. i don't get all these sneaker collecters who have like 50+ pairs only wear like 2 of there shoes on regular bases like if u agree

  4. u lit cuz

  5. How much you want for the ''Kolor Ultra Boost''

  6. Not best on YouTube m8 go watch cj so cool

  7. Perfect pair has the best

  8. Not hating on you Blake. But I think that people should only buy the shoes that they like. Not the shoes that "everyone else has". I mean, ill go after those but only so i can sell them for more to people who listen to you.

  9. Michael Perston

    nice collection fire hot thanks for the video

  10. All i see in comments is his dad is rich who cares sneakers r fresh as fuck and if my dad was rich i do the same big up b sneak keep it rocking bro cant wait to see u guys sneaker con nyc 2017

  11. Sergio F Ibarra

    Don't say the best in YouTube because you want more views

  12. Jayden Gonzalez

    Its not the best on youtube

  13. Where do I get those shoe display cases?

  14. They say Jews have a lot of money example J

  15. bro show the fucking sneakers your just saying you have it.

  16. Jesus Christ can I have a pair just 1

  17. Taiwan英文糾正哥

    Sneaker collection video..? Commentating with your back faced to the camera… Take the L

  18. lemme get those shoes boi

  19. Instead of having all of those shoes that you don't wear, tell your dad to put it towards a gym membership instead

  20. People probably would enjoy your videos if you maybe had stories or told a little about the history of the shoe and why you like it, not just that it's "clean" or "dope"

  21. Can I get a pair please I like it and subscribed

  22. ChrisJohnsonStudios

    Show us your dads next… oh wait

  23. Mos Fresh Kicks

    he has two houses a actual Jordan room and no work ethic… I'd love to see this kid work a real trade with out mommy and daddy funds.

  24. Mos Fresh Kicks

    this kid is just a bitch plain and simple I'm no bully by no means but fuck it makes you cringe…listening to his voice

  25. I came from him showing his collection on qias's channel straight to this video and the change in his voice definitely makes him less annoying

  26. @moneykicks

  27. baseball for life


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