1. U should sort your sneaker room out by displaying all the shoes

  2. FINALLY!!!

  3. How much would you sell your kobe 8s for

  4. Tom, did you cop the v2 red stripe in store from Footaction? I've just never heard of any of the footstores, or any other retailers outside of Adidas and Yeezy Supply having a 12.5 in their size runs.

    Maybe it's just like that in the US, because now that I think about it, I maybe have seen a 12.5 on a Euro or UK site before.

    Again, not trying to question the authenticity or anything, it's just that as a size 12-13 myself, I am genuinely curious.

    I wear a 11.5 or 12 in almost everything from Adidas, but with the narrow toe box on the v2, a 12.5 is ideal, but usually too hard or too expensive to track down.

  5. How can this have a part 2??

  6. Shintaroh Yuhki

    Oh you and your click bait. Is that the only way you can get views? unsubscribe

  7. Yet you don't wear half of your collection

    Still live ur vids though

  8. Weak collection but cool though..

  9. ËŻ-ŜŘ Gwing

    You should be featured in Complex

  10. Great collection man, wear in good health!

    One quick correction, Liberty's of London is a department store not an art collective… Oh and Georgetown is in DC 😉

    Love your videos, you're my favorite Sneaker Youtuber by far, keep up the good work!

  11. Georgetown is DC it’s just so close to the Virginia border.

  12. is your body shape weird af or do you you just buy 2 sizes up on all clothing items?

  13. Make a hoodie collection video

  14. Thereal Baller1109

    Did this idiot just lick mud off his shoes…..

  15. Tom the type of guy to lick mud off his ultra boost.

  16. kicks for your sole

    Ray ray the type of dude to do a sneaker collection video and pulls champion hoodies out of each box.. you read that wrong. And that too. Jk. But made you look tho.. lol Dope collection.

  17. We heard you say blue tits

  18. Do part 2

  19. What’s the biggest?

  20. These are the blue tits

  21. Sorry not the biggest, look larrydeadstock

  22. that hoody is huge on you.

  23. Yoooo which Jordan 1s are you mostly excited for in the 2018 releases????

  24. ErichSantiagoVlogzzz

    omg tom got the airmax 90 undefeated

  25. Hate to break it to you but there are better collections on YouTube

  26. be gentle tom

  27. Aint no HypeTrain

    RAYYYY MAH BOI!!!! Do you think the Jordan4 Levi's is a cop or nah? Also Virgil said something bout a Jordan1 OFFWHITE'S. Soooo u gonna cop dem or nah?

  28. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  29. what were those tan shoes he said were air rifts.

  30. The biggest on YouTube is easily jumpmanbostic collection

  31. Thats 45 to 50% of your collection?????? bruh….

  32. Good collection bro

  33. Sorry but i dont think you have the biggest shoe collection on youtube

  34. hmmm…Tom not prepared for video…should put all stuff in a row, like in his old video…not spend time open each box…boring…

  35. The date you reviewed it first shoe is the same date as my birthday

  36. dope video bro

  37. You should get drop front boxes for your sneakers

  38. Please do a part2

  39. at 4:19 wish you were wearing those Tims on feet gets me horny everytime.

  40. Muharrum Johnson


  41. Daa Ultimate145

    Ok u definitely don’t have the biggest collection on yt. 100% sure it is moneykicks

  42. No Hype Sneakers and gaming

    His Jordan 1 collection bigger than my entire collection

  43. Just drop part 2 m8

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