1. See y'all in CLEVELAND this weekend

  2. How long did it take to get the collection?


    What are the organizers called??

  4. Adidas sneaker collection* just saw Jordan 1 no 4s or 3s which are classics

  5. your so awesome man I'm trying to cop some hype stuff and ur so awesome bro ur so lit and I love your Adidas collection I love Adidas and ur so lit keep up yur kids man

  6. Wiley McCullers


  7. disliked the video because im 26 years old and broke af wearing vans.

  8. On Time Signs Ca


  9. I know u are never gonna see this but if i wantedto do this how should i start

  10. Jürgen Delahaye

    I'm such a real one a late one but still

  11. 2:21 aren't those coppers?

  12. where do you get the boxes

  13. Use more de nike tecnology sneacker

  14. 16:05 air mag turns on by itself ur welcome

  15. Triple black yeezy 750

  16. the best shoe in my opinion is the bred 1, my all time favorite shoe, havent had the money to get it, but its just an awesome shoe with great quality, i love watchin your videos

  17. Just wynn can i please by your size 8 yeezys

  18. Where are those shoe boxes from?

  19. Love u man

  20. just started my channel need subcribers subscribe please.

  21. Good video

  22. what was the name of the black adidas runner in the video you said was so comfortable.

  23. Altin Metallari

    Where do u buy ur shoes from plz tell me

  24. Blake Wynn>Blake Linder

  25. Anyone wanna sub to me I'm just starting my sneaker channel

  26. Where did you get the Nike mags

  27. Where did u get the the money befor YouTube

  28. I have been waiting to do this..since the last time I did this. Hahah.

  29. Where u buy those containers

  30. Daniel Rodriguez

    Can I please have a pair of Jordan's my mom doesn't have not have a lot of money if you don't believe me I will tell you this I live in a basement I don't have my own phone I use my moms can I please have a pair of shoes I only have shoes from the thrift store can I please have a pair so I love your videos

  31. Watched the whole video and I only like addidas but the air maxes are my favorite

  32. are u going to sneakercon atlanta?

  33. where do you get the storage boxes from ?

  34. Shengai 5's

  35. Where did you buy those boxes you Got shoes in

  36. I wonder how much he paid for the blue balenciagas

  37. The Sneaker Geek

    Oh I forgot I love all the nmds and ultra boost still gotta get a pair of nmds… (thought it was in my other comment) thanks for some great ideas too! KEEP ROCKIN ON & WHO CARES ABOUT THE HATERS! KEEP VIDEOS COMING BRO!

  38. The Sneaker Geek

    Definitely dig the collection… I feel like there are too many Jordan brand only (or mostly & Nike) so I relate! I like selection and comfort as well. Yes I am a huge Jordan shoe fan and Jordan as a player! But you have to have the comfort factor in my opinion, and you show the fact that there are MANY great looking comfortable sneakers!!! You got it right having that selection. Nice collection and style! (I think I'm on my sons YouTube Dylan whoops but will be subscribing on my account as well) he's got a collection started 20 pairs or lil more and YOUNG he started 8mon ago. He's turned me back into sneaker head.

  39. Why don't you have any 11's or 12's?

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