My Entire YEEZY Sneaker Collection (15+ Pairs of Kanye West Sneakers)

My Entire YEEZY Sneaker Collection (15+ Pairs of Kanye West Sneakers)


  1. 20 pairs of Yeezy's that's crazy

  2. Christopher Misajon

    Lmao “Lewis Vutton”? bro. Hahahaha

  3. I'll always hit that like

  4. clickbait gaming

    Sneaker heads?

  5. Schuyler Cassidy

    A di das

  6. There's actually 4 Nike Yeezy 2s

  7. He doesn’t even have the Yeezy 2 Cream white… he definitely needs to cop a pair

  8. Your one of these people I HATE I Absolutely HATE YOU! You buy shoes like every SINGLE weak!

  9. Prox[GAMING] GSB

    I prefer to admire the jordan royaltes

  10. You missed zebra, creme white, and bred

  11. even out those fucking strings

  12. Why the fuck am I looking at some fool talk about stupidly expensive runners

  13. Man what are you gone do with all of this give one to me

  14. Good job keep working hard

  15. What’s the cheapest yeezy real not fake

  16. and he doesn't even have the zebras… so sad… so sad ::::((((

  17. 1 will give to 10000,00000,00000,00000 for all the yeezys just kidding haaaaaaaaaa

  18. Yeezys are trash anyone who buys these is an idiot. The only reason you idiots buy these shoes is to show off you have expensive shoes. These shoes are all ugly and Kanye is absolutely trash. I never understood why Jay z ever did music with Kanye just like I never understood why biggie was so close to lame ass puffy and this is why because of dumb fucks like you who buy garbage product s from lame garbage artists

  19. Clammuflally Lima

    You just earned a new sub

  20. what is the diarrhea stripe. I've legit never heard of that v2 colorway and never seen it before. i'm a huge sneakerhead especially for yeezys and this diarrhea halfway looking copper core white stripe is totally new to me and is kinda fake sounding

  21. 8:24 I laught so hard!! 
    Diherrea stripe 😀


  23. It's Fake Don't foolled

  24. Man I wish I could afford those kind of shoes

  25. mans kept saying adida

  26. The yeezy cleat is for soccer not football

  27. Why are you trying to solo me a pair of fake yeezs I am a kid

  28. only yeezys can stay at the top of trend totem pole for YEARS… right next to Jordans.

  29. red Octobers and the Solar's are fire


    My home screen is red octobers lol

  31. lewis vetrrtion

  32. dont use that motherfucker's name Kanye West

  33. They’re fake

  34. Yeezy Austriagermany

    Yeezy ALLE FARBEN 119,99€ 🙂 –

  35. You overpaid for those Curry sneakers that you traded

  36. Flex in

  37. The New Moon Man

    Swear on your yeezy

  38. i work hard but i can't buy my dream girl yet…

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