My Entire Yeezy Sneaker Collection in a Refrigerator

My Entire Yeezy Sneaker Collection in a Refrigerator


  1. Your gonna get huge and I'm going to be able to say I was with you since 35k

  2. connor be like when searching for the reebok picture: " Reebok that looks like Yeezys"

  3. Elijah Millanponce

    That is a nice refrigerator

  4. Yeezy box does not fart i got a pair

  5. Cut the sides of your hair u need a hair cut

  6. whers all your food/

  7. To be honest I just started to w
    Watch ur videos today and I already watched 10 videos and I love them I’m a subscriber already hope u make more ur super dope Connor gang


    good way to keep your yeezys cool and refreshing

  9. Lol that’s all his pop shoes lmao

  10. Pirate black are fake
    On the side in the black it should say YZY

  11. Thaose yeezys

  12. Can i have your fridge lmao

  13. Do you have the all white ones . If you do can you give them away!!!

  14. YEEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Fake pirate blacks. No yzy on the suede patch

  16. I subscribed to your Channel and I always comment I like your videos so much

  17. Bruh that’s actually smart keep em icy

  18. Pls I wanna win the giveaway

  19. Fake

  20. Skull trooper 2018

    Why are they in the fridge

  21. and I subscribe to your Channel

  22. please my dream shoes are Yeezys you have to give me one please!!!!!!

  23. It is going wet your shoes

  24. Why do you have you shoes in your fridge?

  25. why do you put your yeezys in the fridge? it will stuff up the shoes

  26. Infinite Flight Pilot

    Fake ass yeezys

  27. dude the pirate black yeezy are fake

  28. Don’t eat the yeezys

  29. Go with 50k dawg

  30. them bitches gonna be so cold when u put em on

  31. Me too

  32. hype beast

  33. Makensey Trousdale

    Shii fye

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