1. And my favorite is the lebron 12 ext

  2. I have mote shoes than you just saying and im not spoiled or ritch

  3. I am 9 my friends got me in to shoes I have jordan 3 curry 8 jordan 1 van skate high

  4. Talan Trevathan

    The 2nd shoe one of my friends that is 14 with no disabilities has had these for about a year and a half

  5. I like koby higjs

  6. He doesent like lebron but he likes his shoes ?? # disrespect

  7. I like your kobe 9s and my favourite shoe are the kobe 8 mamba curials and im from 2017 year

  8. Denis gameing Velic

    Cool bro!!!!!!!!!!?

  9. Are you selling ny any chance

  10. Jennifer Sullivan

    Not a big fan of lebron but his shoes are pretty cool

  11. AYE, IM FROM MICHIGAN. Metro Detroit

  12. Good collection bruh

  13. 1st one best ever

  14. I like Kyrie irvings shoes and Stephen currys black and gold

  15. Preston Clemmer

    Lebron 11 elites

  16. Goldengdog244 R6

    Those blue kobes are blue lagoons

  17. I like your Curry Black Knight. Just looks so clean. But all your shoes look great too.

  18. I have PG'S

  19. That flippin Guy

    Kobe 9 elites are my favourite shoe of all time I would never wear them outside only for basket ball

  20. Triffsan Gonzales

    Pa nindot2 ug sapatos bugo man mo duwa ataya ka gg

  21. Jams

  22. Rainbow jordans

  23. extreme smasher

    robo must make 1mil a week

  24. kobe instink

  25. Kicks & Giggles

    the shoe he said was a lebron 10 was the first colorway of the lebron 11 same shoe as the what the lebron 11

  26. Kobe 9

  27. Best good lookin shoe I have are kyries 2 Atomic Orange

  28. can someone tell me what shoes are shown at 15:14 ?

  29. No fucking jordans?!?!

  30. That flippin Guy

    Kobe 9 elites were my fav and the best imo

  31. My favorite were the banana kyries

  32. I love the first nikes you opened

  33. i like the what the kd 6

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