1. Done

  2. So what happened to his mom

  3. Done

  4. cj so cool I love

  5. Done


    This makes me think cuz i only got 2 pairs of shoes

  7. I am Sushi Fox in Instagram

  8. Im still sad about blanco

  9. If I could only wear one shoe for the rest of my life I think it would my Rochie 1s because they r the most comfortable shoe a own and I have a lot of shoes. But my favorite shoe is the young Air force 1 pink goddess of war mid. But they r dope af and I love them

  10. All black 11 space jams they go with all of my outfits

  11. Chavez Da Savage

    Did i see them gym red Son of Mars??? I have those my guy they lit

  12. The black ones

  13. Tashonna Dennis

    The black air force ones no racist shit

  14. ronald stevenson

    do a designer belt guess

  15. Wassup cj

  16. Real fans remember that prank with those Ferraris

  17. What up lil bro

  18. No offense CJ I don’t think your a loyal fan or a bandwagon fan your just basically a fan of Lebron

  19. Size 6 because I only have 4 pairs of shoes and I would be blessed to have another pair

  20. I sub cjsocool

  21. Armani The queen

    You should make a blog when you take a homeless kids on a shopping spree

  22. Armani The queen

    U have everything except AirPods that crazyyy ..I thought u would’ve had dem

  23. Black supreme

  24. I have 1000000000301 pair of shoes

  25. congrats on your goal CJ we love you and have you in our payers just because

  26. Sheenetta Thomas


  27. Wear one white one and a black a black

  28. You should wear on black and one white one and you need black and white outfit with your chain

  29. Antonio DA AnKLE TAK3R

    I plan on getting up to 1,000 pairs of shoes

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