My Hypebeast Sneaker Collection | Men’s Sneaker Review | Balenciaga, Off-White, Y-3 Kaiwa

My Hypebeast Sneaker Collection | Men’s Sneaker Review | Balenciaga, Off-White, Y-3 Kaiwa

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  1. Finde die off white nicht so schön.

  2. die Y3 gehen noch irgendwie, aber der rest als ein 81er geht gar nicht… Buffalo war damals schon übel! (die langen Dinger mit den Schienenbeinschoner nennt man Stutzen) 😉

  3. U look stupid in those off white

  4. Anyone know where to buy that F.R.I.E.N.D.S hoodie?

  5. Yo was geht! I love the Y-3 and Off-White pairs.
    P.S. Curious about what's the brand of the black jeans you're wearing? (link maybe)

  6. André López Senitagoya

    Nice video as always! Speaking of sneakers… why don't you make a video giving tips on how to combine streetwear and casual clothing? It would be nice to see what sort of things work together and what others don't. Greetings from Peru! Love your channel!

  7. This man deserves more
    Salute you alpha

  8. Gross. Sad. No.

  9. Where did you get the Friends hoodie? And what size are you wearing? Thanks, Marcel! All the best! 🙂

  10. How tall are you?

  11. I only wear converse chunkytailor the ever green sneaker

  12. Off-White Off-Court 3.0 hi-top sneakers was my favourite ones..!!!

  13. only trainers I'll wear are vans or converse

  14. i like that black jacket its dope

  15. Childhood In Pallet Town

    Nice sneakers!! They are all my fav <3

  16. Bojidar Bogdanov

    From this collection, I would go with the Off_whites and with the Y3's , the others are crap for men especially the Balenciagas they are terrible

  17. For some reason i've come to appreciate the yeezy 700. Never thought id actually like yeezys

  18. Fugly. See you in your next video.

  19. Mansur Aliagaev

    How would you style Kaiwas? Im thinking of buying them but not sure if i got the right clothes to match them. (Great video btw)

  20. Collin Broderick

    The Off-Whites are sick

  21. What no Yeezys? Tut tut. Jokes, Yeezys are for kids only. On a side not you'd like the A Cold Wall x Nike AF1 collab.

  22. 5:10 du meinst Stutzen ^^ aber ich weiß auch nicht wie die auf englisch heißen

  23. man those BALENCIAGA they are really so hyped

  24. This aint really your area.

  25. Not my kinda footwear tbh, i actually hate it, they don’t do anything for anyones look, they are al special and ugly, i’l take some classic Chelsea boots, low dress shoes, or casual white sneaker anyday over this. These things are overpriced and only wanted because of the created hype around them, put a handsome guy with these hypebeast shoes on next to a copy of that guy with a more refined look with some Chelsea boots under a slim Chino and you will see who people dig the most.

  26. what paants are you wearing

  27. チャロマティ

    what second shoes name?

  28. I absolutly love the sock sneaker trend and of course the balenciagas… but i think nmd cs1 are even better looking and cheaper

  29. Aswm bro keep it up

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