My INSANE Air Jordan Sneaker Collection!! (PART 1)

My INSANE Air Jordan Sneaker Collection!! (PART 1)


  1. ur channel ded

  2. Qias your one of my biggest inspirations

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  4. Why is the most exciting time of the year for him when a random Jordan nobody likes comes out that most people dislike and he will only wear once?

  5. Devesh Chandra kumar

    Where is part 7

  6. Michael Hambleton

    whens part 2?

  7. nto tooo shabyy

  8. We’re can i get real shoes

  9. Great vid

  10. Great video, feels like the old Qias

  11. Do you wear your shoes?

  12. My first Jordan: 2016 Jordan 11s. You can tell I'm a green bean.

  13. this channel getting bad to worst unsubscribing, i love you qias but your not yourself since you got 1m subs

  14. Unnecessarily Loud

    Ya falling off, and not all of a sudden either, you’ve slowly started rolling down the hill, you’re close to the edge of the cliff, you fall off, your channel dies.

  15. don't mind me, just here to dislike

  16. Supreme Hypebeast

    I just got the black supreme pilot marker but I kinda wish I got the red one

  17. Bruh what about the orange rare air Jordan 1

  18. How do you make money? Pls tell me im a lil kid(not really)

  19. I'm the rep God

  20. The 33s are fye

  21. "Best Hands In the Game" Pack is the Jordan 1 pack Qias was trying to remember.

  22. Watching QrewTV is like watching Suns and Nets play

  23. Im into sneakers but i dont understand the OG on air jordan 1 shoes

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  25. 4:02 maybe input a picture because I have no idea about how the Scarface Air Force look like

  26. Daniel Martinez

    “Ill get in shape” lmaoo I died

  27. Fuck you lil faggot. You fucking Afghanistan bitch go back to your country fucker. Get out our land you fucking terrorist fuck you and your whole family bitch and oh yeah your wife to bitch ass

  28. who else got shook at the beginning

  29. Just watched aris video we still love you bro been here since 100k

  30. u must have nothing to vlog.. we seen all your shoes already

  31. do u think the Mystery brand website is rigged or fake, coz there is a lot of stories going around about it

  32. Can we get content other than shoes?

  33. I am new to the sneaker club and want to buy a pair of Pharrell China Pack Peace (Blue) where do I get them from for the best price

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