My Luxury Sneaker Collection | 10 Awesome Shoes for Men!

My Luxury Sneaker Collection | 10 Awesome Shoes for Men!

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  1. which one is your favorite? Any you plan on picking up? Aside from the Meraki One collection dropping soon, of course 😉

  2. how do you generally clean your shoes to look as new again?

  3. Joe: My luxury sneaker collection
    Jose: Hold my beer


    Tome like !

  5. Shoe game on point. Socks game,,,,,,,,,, not so much.

  6. that WAU Comma 2 void is sick!

  7. please do a natural slickback for medium length hair

  8. I feel like those yeezys are most likely fake based on the story of how you got them but they look pretty good, I haven’t gotten a good look though. If you really care and want to know upload some pictures to r/repsneakers on reddit. They are some of the best legit checkers in the game.

  9. Владимир Кучеренко

    Dude, I'm really looking forward to seeing Kemon styling products.

  10. Joe, review Kemon styling products pleeeeeease

  11. I don’t care who gets mad at me BUT the yeezys are the ugliest shoes i have ever seen. And I’ve seen those Kobe Bryant space shoes

  12. tell you a trick, the best way to verify Yeezy is to "smell" them. Nowadays fake Yeezy have the same feel and look but they can't simulate the smell.

  13. Damn… those sneakers!

  14. I stopped watching your videos and regret it…. please dont stop… also please make a video on how to trim your own hair

  15. Im surprised you dont have a pair of common projects achilles yet. CLASSIC. And soooo comfortable. Check em out.

  16. If someone doesn't tell me what the song in the background is I will literally be slightly disappointed.

  17. Nice Shoe Collection, I especially like the Nike x Fear of God . Just one Question, what kind of pants are you wearing?

  18. malcolm adderley


  19. Man I’m sorry but that underdog shoe is atrocious

  20. Where did you buy your jacket from???!?

  21. Those yeezys are fake

  22. You Should Try Fred Perry Sneakers They've Got Such A Nice Variety Of Kicks

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