My shoe collection | Adidas, Nike, Vans And MORE

My shoe collection | Adidas, Nike, Vans And MORE

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  1. Those Yeezy are 100% fufu

  2. Xirtam 121212

    What was the second shoe called i liked aswell probably my favorite out of the shows your showed

  3. Royal alderete

    Hey itszllato i'm Royal Alderete. Im a new subscriber to you channel. I love your videos. I have a Youtube Channel of my own. I want to ask you for a favor, if you can subscribe to my channel. Its would mean the world to me ❤❤ Thxs

  4. Nice

  5. U remind me of cardi b

  6. Esperanza Lacayo

    intro is so cute

  7. tatiana kimberley


  8. Tiger25NYC Brooklyn

    I mostly wear Nike and a little adidas. I'm team vans I hate converse

  9. your so dramatic….but I love it !!( am the same way)

  10. Subscribe to my channel

  11. Rihana Janae Smith

    Where you got them red 11 from

  12. Catalina Caro

    You so funny I want all your shoes it so nice

  13. omg girl what size u wear? lol your feet is soooooooo small

  14. Lifewithkaddy 05

    great video:)

  15. Nice shoes

  16. you is funny

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