My Shoe Collection (January 2018)

My Shoe Collection (January 2018)

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Nice vid ❤❤❤

  2. i got the retro 12s two girl and the retro 11 red

  3. Girl WTF stop trying to be Alisha my goodness

  4. Rainbow Unicorn

    SZA YUSSSS lol

  5. Damn bby follow me on ig @Terrrian

  6. on the Jordan 5s that is called a pasafire

  7. They weren't velvet they are suede

  8. How old are u?

  9. Learn the name of your shoes

  10. Nice

  11. You should do a morning routine

  12. Can you sub me

  13. My name is not tammy

  14. Fire

  15. I want the jordan retro 12s

  16. 2:51 they called spizikes

  17. You cute

  18. Angelina Gutierrez

    I have the black and white haruaches

  19. caitlin the princess of rainbow's

    I love the black and white trainers they are really cool

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