My Shoe Collection – Trainers And Formal Shoes ( Men’s Fashion) ✖ James Welsh

My Shoe Collection – Trainers And Formal Shoes ( Men’s Fashion) ✖ James Welsh

- in Men Sneakers


  1. Legging with boots. Nah

  2. sick video, as always, man!! would appreciate it if you could check out some of my fashion/hair videos, just uploaded a shoe collection video myself if you or anyone else reading this is interested!

  3. What do you think our those tubulars vs the new tubular radial in black? 😀

  4. Cao Phạm Trí


  5. erin elaine kk

    nice editing!!!!! 🙂

  6. Amazing x 1000!!! So so cool!!

  7. James, what are your thoughts and opinions on the Caterpillar boots?

  8. Sulivan Mendosa

    u have shown us so many things… now show ur penis

  9. Hey James, just need your opinion real quick, Dr Marten 8 holes with shorts, yay or nay?

  10. Like if you screeenshoted

  11. Dammmnn royal republiq shoes are sick

  12. The last pair were the best, TBH. 😀

  13. DaveDoesFashion

    Shoes – what dreams are made of! Editing in this video is on completely another level btw, good job man!

  14. Is this a new camera or what

  15. Great video I really liked the editing of it 🙂 cant wait to see the second half and I really liked the camo joggers you had on. Keep up the great videos.

  16. Danny van Wort

    those bubble derbies i wanna cryyyyy i want em

  17. Geez this is only half?! 1. need the other half asap. 2. Can you do a pants collection vid? lol

  18. Sick collection,need cherry martens so bad

  19. Sending <3s all the way from Hong Kong! Love your fashion and filming / editing style~ keep it up!!!

  20. How are there two parts hahaha this video alone has double amount of shoes I own lmaoo!! Anyway loved the structure and editing in this vid as have many people!! 🙂

  21. Looks good, nice work!

  22. The shoes the song the style and the editing g were all sick man!!!! Love this channel!!!

  23. Loved the cherry red Dr martens

  24. LOL my fave pair are the slippers!! haha … love the way you put this together!

  25. Bradley Gibbins-Klein

    That ending with the slippers got me haha. Solid collection man !

  26. Amazing! Love your collection (and can't wait to see more). Those pjs were so great!

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