- in Women Sneakers


  1. ThatJackByrne

    Oh my god… she has Bred 1s.

  2. Jimmy Duplessis

    they're called runner shoes bc they are the closest to it, doesn't mean they are supposed to be

  3. id smash her

  4. i unsubcribed because ur sisterr she is so agg

  5. Rich Money Kid

    why she using her mom shoe for no reason

  6. saransh Rawat

    i have puma suede classic

  7. Adebowale Simeon

    nice collection! crosscheck this list with what you got.

  8. Is it weird that the last time I saw one of your videos you had no eyebrows

  9. Only liked her Jordan 1s haha

  10. she looks like she could be your girlfriend if she wasnt your sister

  11. Ya look alike

  12. Lol you can tell she has no clue what she's talking about. Love her

  13. FaZe Celery Stick

    Nice vid!

  14. FaZe Celery Stick


  15. dave lifestyle

    its because you cannot buy yeezys

  16. catch deez eyebrows dark as hell nigga look like a damn sharpie XD XD

  17. show me some Jordan's or oveos notbthese offbrand bowling shoes

  18. Yo I'm Royalty

    8:33 = why I copped the shirt

  19. I recommend you should buy Jordan 11 72-10s or breds they look nice

  20. Only 1 pair of jordans are nice from this "collection"

  21. tandalaya stewart

    the breads

  22. Tommy McBride

    You gotta go through the shoes faster stop fricken talking

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