My Sneaker Collection 2018!!

My Sneaker Collection 2018!!


  1. Lmao this man paid 350 for blushes

  2. Hey got any tips on a early sneaker collector who’s is looking to buy some more hear instead of buying just vans and nike SBS?

  3. Dominic Griechen

    Everyone has ultra boost but everyone has the same color way so getting a unique color way makes them dope

  4. neat shoes dam you got crash

  5. Nice job stretching the video past 10 minutes with adds you little devil

  6. Those are not kyrie 3 those are kyrie 4

  7. Those are kyrie 4s

  8. In ur collection

  9. Top 10

  10. Collin'sGameLife

    im not yo bro

  11. why do you always open your mouth on a thumbnail…

  12. This Guy just slaps all them shoes

  13. Amazing Collection and Video Man!!!!! I really enjoyed this Video!!! You have Crazy Heat Man!! Amazing Job!!

  14. Bro where can I buy that the thing you have in your cream v2’s ? It’s like to not crease your shoes right?

  15. Bro your yeezys are definitely real goat doesn’t sell fakes so yours are legit

  16. Size 8 boy got a small ass foot

  17. Tiffanie Perrodin

    We have same birthday

  18. Ivan Zaragoza

    Why you have white shoes all

  19. If u touch yo nose one more time

  20. Where do you get yeezys

  21. hardcore skating

    What happened to your beluga 2.0

  22. 8:05 your retarded those are cool greys not breds dummy

  23. youtube stars songs

    Jordan’s are basketball shoes

  24. Nolan Oliveros

    Yo collection okay

  25. Why buy expensive shoes when your feet havent stopped growing i understand it when your feet are grown

  26. Hayden Plogman

    Kyrie 4 you mean

  27. Hollis Horwege

    I subscribed turned on notifications and shared it with my friend

  28. Lmao he bought 500’s for $350. Dope collection tho

  29. Adonis Randall

    Let me get a “rub yo nose “ counter

  30. What you need to do is beat some siccors on your head because, your hairline is kicking boy
    Jk nice collection bro

  31. who buys you all your shoes?

  32. Omg yeezy blush looks like a ripoff hurache Reebok headass

  33. Lil retro 23 savage


  34. Lil retro 23 savage

    There Kyre 4

  35. Nicholas Franklin

    Pause at 11:56

  36. Not hating but yeezy 500 is ugly

  37. I want you to play fortnite new next video

  38. Malachi Jr. Stephens

    Do some research about sneakers

  39. Malachi Jr. Stephens

    Kyrie 4 dumbass

  40. Daniel Rodales

    I have those kyries there called Venus I am a size 10

  41. Cory Eltzroth

    Look at the camera

  42. rip cream v2s value cant wait for re release

  43. sneakerpeek tv


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