1. she said she had green yeezys but didnt show them? which ones? lol

  2. Morgan Szczepkowski

    Check out my Poshmark @szczepkowskiml !!

  3. clara fernandes

    Love this video!!! If you ever need any yeezys definitely check out my boyfriends Instagram he resells and they are wayyyy cheaper than stadium goods (also 100% authentic) ! They charge wayyyyy to much ( insta: antman__ ) we are also in the boston area

  4. thanks for always linking all the items below!!! xoxo

  5. Can you do ideas for shoes on budget and like going out shoes. Love your videos xx

  6. I love your style, and I am obsessed with sneakers too! You can get kids sizes in Adidas too. It is so much cheaper!

  7. Adidas are the best shoes ever. The white nmds are my favorite shoes ever and i love all the new continental 80 shoes that just came out!

  8. gregory miller

    Good as always great product top quality never fails…I just ordered At Buys9 dot Com

  9. Alexandria Grobleski

    sneaker goals!! about to go out and up my sneaker collection haha

  10. Nicolette Pearson

    I love this ❤️

  11. a clear skin, fit, healthy legend

  12. what don't do you use for the 'maggie MacDonald' part in the beginning?

  13. Makyden Parreira

    Omg , you have so many sneakers lol

  14. Why does the price vary for the yeezys depending on your shoe size? That’s so weird

  15. Melanie Drinkwater

    How would you compare the balenciagas and the yeezy analogs?

  16. Great shoe that fits perfectly. Will order more in the future.…I just ordered Go justdoshoes,Com

  17. Hi. I want to be your bestfriend. That is all.

  18. you are glowing!!!

  19. your face looks so much slimmer!! you’re legit glowing omg

  20. thumbs up for maggie being the goat always

  21. i gotta say i love you and all the content you create. Your shoe collection is so dope. Side note: I just saw on the sidebar of this video a vlog of you from when you had long hair and OMG short hair just looks soooo bomb on you. I mean you look gorg no matter what but the short hair just really suits you and your face!

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