My Sneaker Collection

My Sneaker Collection

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  1. The fuck you looking at?

  2. Got that fyyyeee

  3. Ain't even gone lie bruh, life's not going too good rn but your videos help a lot. Thank you stevie.

  4. love the "interview" shooting style here & i personally think the beat up look of your reebok classics gives it character, which i like – although some people prefer the all clean look haha. also, awesome vid as always, stevie! keep it up!

  5. what kind of socks do you use in warm weather?

  6. How did you lace your TN's like that? They look great!

  7. Could you do a more in-depth video on the tech runners? Would really be interested in how to style a chunky silhouette

  8. Love the angle on this one feels like the viewer is interviewing you lol

  9. Darkness Inside

    The cam angle no. Lool

  10. Sick collection! May I ask are you in college? If so what are you studying.

  11. Do a shirt and trousers collection

  12. Great collection man ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  13. Omari The People

    love the angle of the shot my guy

  14. TAWKSICK 毒性

    I wish i can find those airmax plus on sale 🙁 Im debating to get those or the fila disruptor II

  15. That’s so dope you have a story behind your jordan’s you have. It reminded me of how I got started buying my first jordan’s while working in retail. I really liked your collection and the video was really dope thank you as always for putting out great content!

  16. sneakers are hands down the best part of any fit

  17. Loved this man, great collection.

  18. My boy switching up those camera angles! Keep up the grind brotha.

  19. Ah sneakers collection so no make up tutorial? Lol

  20. Casual flex ⚡️- Lit content as always

  21. Stan Smith not mentioned…

  22. I love that shirt, where is it from?

  23. Bro what are you looking at LMFAOOOOO like just look at tthe camera my guy

  24. yessss my boy pulled thru with the sneaker collection ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  25. Great Quality Vids, Professional content

  26. You're one of the reasons I started my youtube channel. Great to see your content improving! Hopefully my channel will grow like yours!

  27. Emeka Agwulonu

    the air max plus tns are mad nice, hopefully my next cop! nice vid bro!

  28. Urban Projects

    Lol a lot of white shoes, but dope collection!

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