MY SNEAKER COLLECTION – Best Adidas & Nike shoes – HAUL

MY SNEAKER COLLECTION – Best Adidas & Nike shoes – HAUL

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Kellie Higginson

    Omg. I have no words.

  2. Nicole Portnoy

    i can’t find those black nmds anywhere . i wanted them for my birthday on the 22nd . and i cant find them . please help 🙁

  3. Darkness Inside

    The shoe touched everything including her face

  4. Hey girl …just like…..what do you prefer Nike huarache or adidas??!

  5. Marlana Renda

    Pretty good review and keey doing what your doing! I have seen the same one at Artemisyeezy sneakers store on Instagrm,they are really beautiful.i would like to check them.

  6. Kennadee jameson

    What were the black on black ones with the detail in the back

  7. You are so gorgeous

  8. fokus your Daniel wellington watch

  9. Hanifi Pekince

    im looking for shoes for my grill ._. but i dont know what to buy for her

  10. Love your vlog about sneaker pls continue review in future what is your instagram name?greetings from switzerland

  11. Joseph Flanagan

    you are so cute can i please buy any of your used shoes

  12. Tiger25NYC Brooklyn

    Nice tan

  13. Nike and Adidas are my favorite 🙂

  14. You are beautiful! Would you sell any of these??

  15. I'm ten and I'm size 37 or 38 lol!!!

  16. Samantha Racelis

    You're so pretty, I'm jealous

  17. Merissa Brown

    What size do you wear

  18. I think I'm abnormal…I'm only in the 5th grade and I wear 39's in women's…her feet are kinda small compared to my rabbit feet Lol.. :p

  19. Clickbait

  20. look at you , this is all ur life revolves around buying superficial shot and getting so much pleasure. I can Badcall control your emotions by using one shoe haha. pathetic

  21. What size are your prestos

  22. Nasser Ben Omar


  23. I know this is an old(er) video so not sure if you will see this….but that Gymshark shirt….is that released yet?! I can't find it/dont remember seeing it on their website!

  24. I want to see alllllll of your sneakerssssss

  25. Definitely getting the maroon pair! What jeans are you wearing?

  26. Luxury Wholesale

    Nice Videos ! Collection ❤️

  27. Mor.unicor_gan

    almost falls and the cutest laugh ever follows! Girl, you're just adorable. I can't get enough of your videos.

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