1. Man vs Sneakers

  2. Love these guys

  3. Can i have a jordan1 for free

  4. Titan???????? Damn love from ph

  5. Showww himm theee Godd damn ruffles jordans

  6. Dope vid!

  7. Why is this guy famous and people give him free shit????

  8. Bananas

  9. Amazing collection, out of the ordinary, you should make video with Berth Oh! Hahaha

  10. I hope those kicks aren’t just kept in a storage collecting dust and sometimes “forgotten”, as per Jacques.

  11. Nice TITAN shirt man

  12. Russell Bisquera

    For food themed sneakers just stay with Saucony. Burger, Belgian Waffle, Bacon and Eggs, Pumpkin Spice, and Ice Cream pack just to name a few.

  13. Anthony Duldulao

    I love your channel and Adam Richman is the bomb as well.

    You might know if these already, but if you didn't, you can pass this on to Adam. A few others that I love (and they are Sauconys), the Saucony x Feature Bacon and Eggs, Saucony x Feature Belgian Waffles, Saucony Ramens, Saucony Oktoberfest (homage to beer I guess), a great Saucony GR called Sushi Pack, Saucony x Dunkin Donuts, Asics x End Wasabis, Diadoras Chez Whiz, Diadoras also did a few ice cream flavors as did Saucony.

  14. Hey i am a reallly big FAN of yours!! You have so goood collection. I wonder you could Giveaway some.

  15. Charles Ferdinand Vero

    Titan! ⚡️

  16. Sick collection jacq how do you clean your shoes?

  17. Anyone else getting annoyed by the claps in the background instrumental? Lol

  18. He would be so excited abt something and jacques was like yeah so what I see these all the time he didn’t seem to care

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