1. Gabber starter kit: Air Max 90‘s , vintage adidas jacket and track pants

  2. Hess I am so pissed off with nike destroying these iconic classic shoes by mass saturation of horrible colorways at once it has been watered down to the point nobody really cares anymore unless its limited Virgil is saving nike

  3. Tht air presto looks good man

  4. Top 5 adidas shoes

    1 ultraboost

    2 ultraboost

    3 ultraboost

    4 ultraboost

    5 ultraboost

  5. You know what’s better than Jordan’s? Kyrie’s.

  6. Hauraches are NOT GOOD FEETS

  7. Whiteboy Entertainment

    Go watch my fortnite dubs I’m the best sniper I swear on Jesus

  8. Air Max 97s and 98s > Air Max 95 > all other Air Max

  9. Owaysblowinginsmoke

    We need the most 5 comfy Nike airmax only

  10. You forgot the Air Force One

  11. Do a video on the long range tracking devise under the nike insole pad

  12. just my opinion , but its  WHACK !!

  13. My faves are air max 90,97 and air max 1. Also the air force 1, and the freeRN flyknit

  14. 5. ACG kmtr
    4. Air force 270
    3. SF AF1
    2. Air Yeezy
    1. Prestos

  15. nike pernix

  16. Nikolaj Bo Højer Hansen

    feel like this is just a top 5 classic nike shoes anyone who feels the sane

  17. Tyler Ghostkeeper

    Definitely top 5 adidas

  18. Huarache in spanish is actual pronoucned WHADah-Che

  19. Copped the Dunks Be True to your School Michigan pair this year and they are def a fav, heavy in the rotation with all of the new Nike/Jordan UM gear

  20. Johnathan Mcintosh

    I swear if foamposites are on here…

  21. Flyknits and the racers are my favs

  22. plzzzs make a list of top 5 air jordan

  23. Foams>Huraches

  24. Top 5 Nike Shoes of All Time:
    1. Air Flight 89
    2. Air Revolution 88
    3. Air Max 90
    4. Air Huarache
    5. Air Force 1


    Air Max 95 >

  26. Man, I've been telling people about that first Foamposite for years. Yes, Mike Bibby wore it first in a game at Arizona and Penny wore them the next day on NBA on NBC. BIBBY did that to a pair of Jason Kidd's as well

  27. Christopher Harris

    No air mix 95 or the Barkley 93 or the Deion Saunders

  28. Do the Jordans top 5

  29. Top 5 other brand shows people should check (besides adidas,nike…)

  30. foams and lebron 9s should of been on this list

  31. Top 5 shoes to have in your collection

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