My Updated Shoe Collection

My Updated Shoe Collection

- in Men Sneakers


  1. You should check out the sacai x nike callab coming this year around april i think you would look good in blazers

  2. Please release that shoes

  3. hello i am from india and i am big fan of dressing sense

  4. Wow… You have a shitload of shoes

  5. As a sneakerhead I love all kinds of shoes from Jordan’s to the chelse boot

  6. An updated shoe collection pls

  7. No love for cole haan?

  8. Technical Artist

    I can't believe that the shoes still fit you after 4years

  9. Hi jose I am Alex costa I see you are good

  10. Fortnitepartynite

    There’s like 3 colors in this video. If ur going to do a show collection video, have interesting shoes

  11. Wow, first shoe collection on YouTube that has normal mens shoes.

  12. 4:13 shoes name? I search adidas stan smith but it was different

  13. What a ugly shoe Collection waw at least alpha got some nice shoe Collection

  14. Hey is a Balenciaga speed trainers stylish?

  15. Does anyone know what color is that Chelsea he has from Thursday boots?

  16. All black estuniga sneaker size 12.5 please e-mail

  17. I have only 3 ti 4 pairs of shoes but all r if reebok ….. Costs around 1000 dollars only .. Very less na

  18. Selvamani Sparkz

    No yeezy?

  19. Sneakerhead
    Lol jk

  20. 3k Subscribers with no Videos

    Your sneaker game is weak

  21. Andrew del Mundo

    Did you sell your CDG Cream Converse Lows?

  22. I thought you have a pair of yeezys

  23. I know it is 1 year old video buut. These NMD's are probably fake

  24. most of the sneakers look almost the same haha

  25. Star Futuro0826.1

    Hazlo en español

  26. Make a new one for 2018

  27. Get a job…get shoes…done

  28. Michael hernandez

    Put video how to wear loafers

  29. Do another shoe collection!
    Btw love your Videos!!

  30. Where is the video of the old she collection

  31. do another updated shoes collection video man

  32. Shivansh Kattyayan

    This is an ideal shoe collection…
    I have completed the half… Half still remains..

  33. Make a new one

  34. Luv the vids fam, keep the coming.. jose i am glad you got an email here i am going to send you a pic of a pair of saucony i just bought for 47 dollars.. ohh sh999t jose wait and till i show them two you they are clean broda…

  35. Survey compare is trash it takes like 4 months to get 5 dollar gift card.

  36. No shaqs?

  37. Why don’t you try to make an app which lets you know what pair of jeans can your wear with T-shirt’s shirt and other stuff pls

  38. ConfortinDEADHORSE

    Any espadrilles, Jose? And what do you think of it?

  39. Hey Jose what would you prefer for my first boots Chelsea or chukka

  40. Do a new shoe collection video!

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