Myntra’s Showcases Five Must Have Shoes for Men

Myntra’s Showcases Five Must Have Shoes for Men

- in Men Sneakers


  1. They are doing this to sale these shoes.

  2. rule number 1: no toes.

  3. I like the boots

  4. If you ain't a ho, get up out my trap house

    Indian people have gone from gang raping women in public and throwing acid in their faces to knowing everything about shoes nice job

  5. my dreams are official

    very poor selection and costume

  6. You all saw this coming. What are those?!!

  7. +jaketheshoeguy

  8. What the fuck is this

  9. Good try, but the shoes are ……
    Maybe I shldnt comment

  10. this is plain stupid

  11. lmfao he's tying his shoe like the wear ballerine

  12. is this the guide to be a dork?

  13. This has to be the worst selection of shoes ever. Zero style

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