NBA Big Men Discuss the Struggle of Finding Shoes in Their Size | Kicks On Court Weekly

NBA Big Men Discuss the Struggle of Finding Shoes in Their Size | Kicks On Court Weekly

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  1. Youngone1534 Young

    All of you guys having difficulties finding shoes in ur size, check out the website: carry a lot of shoes for different styles of dressing:athletic, casual, beach, business, etc.Sizes start at 14-21.

  2. stfu im 15 and i wear size 20 damn

  3. Im 5'11 size 12 and 15

  4. Tristan Firomski

    size 15s r hard to find

  5. Hell yeah big guy like kicks too I'm size 16/17

  6. I'm a size 15. it's impossible to find shoes

  7. maaaan im 15 yr old and i wear size 20

  8. Im 12 i have small feet i have only 9.5

  9. 14 yrs old 15 size shoe height 5 11

  10. 6'4 210 and size 14, it is hella hard

  11. TheMasterJelqer

    I'm 16 and 6"6 and a size 15 or 16 size shoe

  12. Ive got wide feet so which sneaker do you recommend??

  13. like4boss williams

    I'm 15 and wear a size 16 no lie

  14. I'm 11 and I wear size 9.5

  15. I'm 13 with a size 15

  16. Lioxson - No copyright mixes

    HEHE XD IM 15 6,4 188lbs and size 12 THE STRUGGLE IS REAL

  17. lol I'm 15, 5'4, 120lbs and size 7.5. I don't have to worry about anything with apparel.

  18. Im 14 6'5 and size 17

  19. I'm a size 8

  20. Kevion Collins

    bro this sucks I ware a size 16.5 I can't find any good basketball shoe

  21. 1:20 his face lol

  22. euro.official

    must be hard finding pussy their size, huh?

  23. Bobby Shmurda

    charlie villanueva reminds me of a beluga whale

  24. Denis Organishuk

    i'm 6"4 my size is 14

  25. Porter Rutledge

    I'm only 12 and wear size 11.5 Lebron 11's

  26. thehoodedpaki

    it's sucks for me the worst I were size 12 and half and I have flay feet which means I don't have an arch on my foot so if I get a shoe that has a slight curve the left size of my foot just out and pushes on the material Wichita is extremely uncomfortable and most the shoes that look don't come in a wide sometimes then they just don't come in a 12%and if I get a 13 or above there is way too much space I have returned shoes over and over again and I'm just sick of sitting in a store for 3 hours looking for a shoe that fits and us comfortable and looks good and I can never find a shoe compromises in between if u guys have any recommendations for shoes please share them with me

  27. This is why I'm glad to be a guard lol.

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