Neymar Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Neymar Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


  1. สงสัยปีนึง ใส่ไม่ซ้ำคู่

  2. they crying baby gose sneakershopen lol

  3. Vergueta el tablon :v

    He understand english but he can't speak english LOL

  4. He probably made all of the money back walking back to the car

  5. That's a baller

  6. Fuck Neymar

  7. $18,000 is peanuts to him. Not sure if most Americans realise how much players like him get paid

  8. Achei que o Neymar ia chegar falando aquele inglês kkkkk

  9. Now the PSG is with Jordan

  10. Do Messi next plz

  11. Neymar da pusi kurac.

  12. 18k eu não gastei em toda a minha vida


    y yo con las venus

  14. Cadê os br?

  15. Neymar is the most famous guy to appear on this show. After Cristiano Ronaldo

  16. O Neymar está aqui em casa

  17. its football not soccer

  18. Do Messi

  19. Wow 18 thousand, Neymar I love you

  20. You deserve to be a most handsome soccer player in the world, not Giroud or Ronaldo

  21. Im suprised he did not dive during this…

  22. 7:40 that look

  23. 5,000 dollar Nike’s is straight retardation

  24. They gotta do one with Paul pogba or even Antoine griezmann

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