NFL Star Antonio Brown Shows Off His Insane Mansion and Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets

NFL Star Antonio Brown Shows Off His Insane Mansion and Sneaker Collection On Complex Closets


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  2. Just glue your Jordan’s if the soul is coming off

  3. Just some light work…AB more of a fashion guy not sneakers

  4. Antonio lives in my building

  5. Do julio jones

  6. Whats the intro song?

  7. This man's freshness is just light years ahead of the rest of the world. I'm pretty he was sent back from the future. That's the only way to explain his look.

  8. u gotta do my mans odell next

  9. rashad harris

    That was weak. He seemed so awkward

  10. Daniel Voehringer

    „You Know, im a simple guy“ …. pfff

  11. didnt les twins do a vid in this house???

  12. Stupid fucking nigger will be broke in 5 years SMH

  13. This reminds me a lot of MTV Cribs

  14. michael malowanczyk

    got that stair case beard

  15. Complex always got the shoe complex

  16. Crissy samuels

    I like him so chill.

  17. Detric cherry

    wtf is that haircut

  18. Yep! Racial inequality. Poor guy doesn’t have the largest home in Miami. All horse shit!!!

  19. Craig Grayson

    Complex keep these coming!

  20. One Defaulty boi

    Synagogue in his house this man real rich

  21. Tyrae Winnegan

    He high asl

  22. Best NFL receiver.

  23. what the f*ck did this guy do with his hair

  24. Coon ass. Gotta please massa, so I’ll put a synagogue in my house.

  25. Does anybody know where A.B. keeps his SUPERBOWL RINGS???????????OOOOhhhhhhh never mind………………LOL

  26. Patrick Delaney

    I had to google whether or not comfortability was a word

  27. 10 years he'll be broke

  28. That1Guy shhh

    Why Antonio? Fucking yo money up lol.

  29. Do cornerback Joe Haden next his closet is fire.

  30. That house is insaneeeee. Respect!

  31. Student & Servant For The Most High YAHAWAH

    "I got alot of je-wish friends" WE ARE THE REAL JEWS YOU SIMPLE NIGGA!!!

  32. I know his son

  33. Iain Swartwood

    when are we gonna see jlp's closet

  34. haha them stairs going up his face thooo

  35. We need john mayer

  36. Great One

  37. Can you run in balenciagas??

  38. Bro relaxed his beard I see you Antonio

  39. A house like that isn't even livable is it? More like a museum filled with nice things you don't want to mess up

  40. I hope he investing his money good

  41. Mitchell Ocampo

    Will go broke eventually with a house like that

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