Nike SNKRS Presents: Masters of Air, Vol. 1.

Nike SNKRS Presents: Masters of Air, Vol. 1.


  1. unbelievable RD

    How they found the people who had
    500 pairs of air max

  2. Silbe Villazana


  3. Putera Danish Mohd Faizal

    hello NIKE cant you give me or sponsor me NIKE VAPORMAX

  4. am I the only one who got here by just tryna find the cheapest website to buy a pair of hyperfuses ?

  5. The name of white shoe by lalla please

  6. Am I the only one who really does not really get the air max. The ultraboost are more comfy and look way better.

  7. I love shoes as much as the next sneaker head , but if you see having to eat cabbage everyday to add to your retarded large collection …. you mayyyyyy want to reevaluate your priority’s .

  8. When the fuck will Vol. 2 Come??????

  9. Can I be in a nike commercial if I have 2 nike shoes? no? okay then.

  10. did someone knows the name of the Air Max at 4:08 ???
    I`m really in love with it!!

  11. martixx redbull

    jajajaj todos los comentarios en ingles

  12. in the end, was iceberg Holding big windows?



  14. jonhy klagenberg

    amo tudo isso

  15. My air max 90's smell like shit and my feet smell like shit after I wear them. I still love em

  16. wilhelm van niekerk

    cut the price nike

  17. Tristan Van-Hulle

    such awful shoes

  18. @1:43 the best part hahahah

  19. tegshbayar tegshee

    i love this shoes

  20. I Love the Air Max 97/98, Just Can't afford to own them as I did in the Past !

  21. Eduardo Jr Lechuga

    can you please sponsor me??

  22. whats the point of buying shoes that you wouldn't wear

  23. i love air max but i just can't afford it. i just own one air max tavas coastal blue. i am very much satisfied with it but i wish i could buy more and more.

  24. Help me reach 10.000 subs with no Video

    Love the editing

  25. Where is volume 2?????????????????????????

  26. Clement Joubert

    Make the real shape of the AM1 not the new that sucks with the "essantial"

  27. I looked this video 30 times

  28. Why no air max skylines!!!

  29. when will vol 2 come out?? been waiting for a year now

  30. Ight so they skip eating food for days, get tats of the brand logo and get hundreds of pair of the same shoe… and then they don't wear it


  32. Shoenica wears my size and she has every heat shoe that I ever wanted, especially air maxes.

  33. Finally back to the real sneakerheads and og's. not about all this hypebeast stuff. This past month has given me hope in Nike and has turned me back to the bread and butter. Air max's are just clean and I can't wait for the vapormax. That shoe alone is gonna change the game. I don't care whatever hype. I saw it online without knowing anything and no one showing it to me and instantly wanted them

  34. Awesomeness ✨‼️

  35. OmegaCentauri92

    Decadence to the max.

  36. Crazy world

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