Nikki Bella Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Nikki Bella Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  1. I’d still smash

  2. Strictly Business

    She only wears red bottoms . idk why shes was on here tbh no hate tho

  3. I want fuck her in that dress so badly


  5. Do Nas goes sneaker shopping next Please

  6. You need to do Sneaker Shopping with
    Trey Songz
    Soulja Boy Nelly Stalley Lil Wayne Bow Wow The-Dream T-Pain and Ne-Yo

  7. Beautiful!!!!

  8. Bet it was hard for dude to not look at her hard nipples

  9. Nipples, yum yum.

  10. joe had to focus to not pop a half chub

  11. Put Nikki Benz

  12. Who tf asked for this lol do they even peep the comment I get that celebrities are busy but Complex be picking people no one asked for

  13. Where do they keep the thermostat set at in Flight Club?

  14. shes gorgeous! i dont watch wrestling so i never seen her before

  15. 7:46 nipple

  16. platinum shadow66

    Damn she probably would loook even more hotter if she was rockin Af1's or sb's ouuuu

  17. shorty pulled up to stadium goods w a full dress on smh

  18. Aye do anybody show love at joe

  19. I’m tryna suck her toes !

  20. Why y’all always get thot ass women that just wear sneakers to be cool
    Fuck wack

  21. Get travis scott

  22. She’s a bad mamma jamma

  23. whoa wtf is Joe wearing

  24. Jacopo Carboncini

    Bang her, bro!

  25. I would put it in her ear

  26. 7:57 Buddy is taking a quick peek.

  27. Her sisters hotter

  28. All I wore in high school were superstars…and then Jordan’s.

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