1. damn he's married! drake lover, shoe lover, and celtics lover!!! why are all the good ones take haha oh well…

  2. dope!!

  3. if i took a shot for every time he said shout out i would be dead (issa joke)

  4. Artificialo Stylexd

    This is probably the most heat I've seen featured on this channel, homie is about this sneaker life lmao.

  5. nice top 30s big bro

  6. LiftingandZombies

    them j2k's are so clean

  7. I feel like Jeffrey

    check out my YouTube channel

  8. What is he going to do when they crumble?:/

  9. You got some fucking fire homie! Chi town stand up! K-TOWN Westside! IG:Off_Earth

  10. This nigga shouted out the whole world in the intro

  11. Sa'Mowin Lawn Care

    Kicks countdown was sick. nice heat

  12. the best sneaker collection feature buy a long shot on this channel

  13. Sneaker Enthusiast

    Best Collection video ever on this page

  14. Hot Collection love it! He is on the rise! Been a subscriber since he first started nice to see the dude's top 30 Awesome!

  15. Unbreakable's Collection > Scoop's Collection

  16. But anyway I subscribed to your channel bro

  17. Oh alr coo I was just checking

  18. Oh alr coo I was just checking

  19. Nice the way he turned this into a top 30 rather than go thru the entire collection. 7 shoes in his top 30 i don't have in my collection….yet! lol!

  20. I have a question isn't the space Jams supposed to have 45 on the back ?

  21. mad collection

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