Ordinary Girl – Annie LeBlanc – Lyrics

Ordinary Girl – Annie LeBlanc – Lyrics

- in Women Sneakers


  1. I like how you sing i wish you were my sister

  2. Lexi Carrell-wagner

    I played this song like three times

  3. I'm an ordinary girl

  4. Im definitely not ordinary thats a fact

  5. Not ordinary I guess

  6. I'm the girl who would probably wear some makeup

  7. My third fav song✌

  8. It's just me, maricrazy

    totaly agree

  9. she said she's not a ordinary girl

  10. my favorite song

  11. Caleb is so proud of you Annie!

  12. Make Ordinary Girl Karoke


    annie with hayden so cute

  14. idk if i should sing this for talent show… idrek xD

  15. If you have something rude to type, either 1) think about it first, 2) Don't type it or 3) Don't even watch the fricken video!!!! Jeez

  16. Simplyholly&lucy


  17. Sharon Peecheemow

    Language please and i mesn

  18. We like your music video and Chicken Girls

  19. PatiyTheSavage Vlogger

    Could an oridnairy gurl have a boyfriend?? Because i have a boyfriend

  20. She's not a teen yet.

  21. Ioanna Ioannidou

    You are not ordinary,just to know

  22. Ariana Rodriguez

    Her iiggfk r jo. Iaioqji

  23. I love this song #annie

  24. girrrlrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllll

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