PJ Tucker’s epic rare sneaker collection | The Jump

PJ Tucker’s epic rare sneaker collection | The Jump


  1. Rrrggg I’m so jealous…I wanna hate…but I cant

  2. What is wild is he let's you know a NBA check is hefty. PJ Tucker is a role player with a closet of kicks that can fund a child's ivy league college experience and some.

  3. Saving his heat for complex and joe la puma

  4. A real sneaker head here, cause he actually wears them.

  5. $36,000 for a pair of shoes. That joke wasn't funny.

  6. If only he put so much work into his game.

  7. So stupid. But I guess since he got the money

  8. Those Lebron's on a different colorway is butter

  9. $36K for one fucking pair of shoes and that is higher than my whole fucking annual income including taxes. I absolutely love this man!

  10. Damn they shoulda made the video longer and cover more of his dope shoes, kinda disrespectful to only make a 3min video on the biggest sneaker head in the league


  12. Did he just say he spends four hours a day of his free time texting & calling people about buying shoes? Wtf

  13. maybe he's buying shoes everyday..jk

  14. PG we love u in EU.. Will never forget the time you played in israel

  15. Meanwhile he’s passing the ball out of bounds when he’s on the court

  16. PJ shoes collection is 100% MVP.

  17. Whateverhelpsyou777

    36Gs for one pair is ridiculously insane. They saw him coming.

  18. This is like PJ's tenth video regarding his shoes

  19. Easily the best shoe game

  20. He’s gotta be gay

  21. Nice video, but horrible interviewer

  22. Sub to my channel

  23. Good O’l Spurs

    He’s got a secret sneaker room… you know he’s legit

  24. I need that orange beanie yo

  25. I played ball against PJ back in highschool when he was at Enloe and I was at SE Raleigh. I'm proud of him. He took an an unusual route to get to the league but he did it. I didn't know his shoe game was this certified.

    He also helped me realized I needed to leave basketball alone and focus on football lol.

  26. shoe god

  27. This man has to be single. With his shoe collection he probably has no kids

  28. AngelDMR 90Daychallenge

    Yeah you look at pics back in the day he didn’t care about sneakers, hypebeast

  29. Who cares about your shoe game when take nothing but Ls

  30. The thing i admire about pj is that he actually wears his shoes. Im a sneskerhead..now of course i dont have his kind if breaf to play around with. But i do a little something..and people be killing me for playing ball and wearing my shoes..im like it a basketball show..its meant to played in…how is a shoe valuable sitting up in a closet

  31. 26k is chum change to him

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