POTW: Men’s Casual Dress Shoes

POTW: Men’s Casual Dress Shoes

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  1. No way with jeans, they are dress shoes, when I see guys wearing dress shoes with jeans I immediately think that he just hasn't gone out an purchased a nice pair of casual shoes.

  2. JosephGallagher


  3. Freakin Dorian! I'm sure Ashley farts louder.

  4. hi, would you say crocks are casual shoes?

  5. I was not prepared for that.

    I don't think any of us were LOL

  6. Funny you mentioned the contrast stitching. I tried on a pair of black dress shoes recently and couldn't get past the light colored contrast stitching. Beautiful shoe but I couldn't get past the stitching and passed on them.

  7. Alpha roasted you LOL

  8. kevin osborne

    You should take us with you when you style one of your clients……

  9. V. Torch Napeñas

    Dorian….explain yourself (LOL).

  10. Hey Ashley, I have to buy dress shoes for my dark grey suit and I heard burgundy and black are the best choices. Which one do you prefer personally?

  11. Kenobi - sama

    Omfg Dorian, lucky you guys were outside xD

  12. Awesome

  13. Hi Ashley, I like your channel, I'm your biggest fan too. forgive me I m not being rude or anything, but I think you really need a hair make over.

  14. Hi Ashley, love this video, but I decide to buy the chukka boots first to build essential wardrobe.
    I am considering to buy a Branning Chukka boots which has a waterproof calf skin. I am buying this for my rain boots.
    Do you recommend this product?
    Anyways, thanks for the video. I am really excited to see another video like this from you!

  15. The pursuit of Peace

    What shoe I should buy first? I don't have any shoe now? What is essential for everyday use?

  16. Cristobal Lopez

    Saludos desde México Ashley!!!

  17. jeremy emilio

    you mean dark chilli colour?

  18. It would be nice if you make this video like your older videos with an actual model wearing the actual outfit, instead of you describing it in only words.

  19. Loved this short video (except the fart) lol.

  20. almost 100k lets go boys!

  21. Sam bitcoin advertiser

    I just bought a pair of these similar looking dress shoe style before you made this video I got a navy blue colored pair a black color and will be getting a brown colored pair

  22. Hari Memmisoglu

    no video for a week

  23. Fouad AL-Hatlan

    Pretty looking shoes. I love it

  24. Larry Gamarel

    Hi Ashley I was looking through Johnston Murphy's website and most of their brown shoes are on the lighter side as are most Cole Haan's which come in British Tan. Would you consider them to be a dark enough brown or are they too light! Thanks and great pick.

  25. Charles Gregory

    also watch alpha m's latest video, he fired some shots… you need to fire some back

  26. Charles Gregory

    whats your salary

  27. In the Ask AW Dorian said you guys fart in front of each other and he was right!

  28. Nice video. I was just wondering what shoes to wear haha

  29. You are so pretty. What nationality are you? If you don't mind me asking..

  30. Arun Miraskar


  31. I love you and your sense of style.

  32. first?

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