POTW – Men’s White Sneakers

POTW – Men’s White Sneakers

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  1. Kwiss classics? What about those?

  2. What do you think of the common project white low tops?

  3. stan smiths are too unoriginal, picked up common projects

  4. Stan's Smith are okay but I prefer the Converse Chuck Taylors.

  5. I love you Ashley, and would love you so much better if you changed, but I really think you should consider other styles. In one word, this is BASIC.

  6. White after Labor Day?

  7. As always good video Ashley! Hey I wonder how many people realize that Stan Smith was a tennis player from the 60's and early 70's, or if they really know who he is.

  8. François Dépotoir

    Groundbreaking. Non-mainstream. Refreshing. Those sneakers are not.

  9. The Stan smith stamped in gold is making me sick. Otherwise, it is a damn good shoe.

  10. Every fuccboi wears these 🙁

  11. No thanks am good with the classic green ones

  12. This video is so well timed for me! Thanks!

  13. Does someone know what the sizing on the Stan Smith's is? Not sure if I should go true size or 1/2 smaller/larger..

  14. Hammer Sixty-three

    White Vanns!!! Simple and washable!

  15. Nice video Ashley. Love the practicality of your channel.

  16. Picked up those "vintage" Stan Smith's the other day. For some reason Adidas had the green version on sale for about $45!

  17. Thx

  18. What about RAF Stan Smiths, or Common Projects?

  19. I picked up a suede white and tan Stan smiths.. find them super hard to wear cus I’m scared to death to dirty them .. second pair will definitely be the white and blue Stan smiths in leather..

  20. Hi Ashley! Could you do a video on workout clothes?

  21. good job Ashley. i have the green one, im going to buy the gray ones. they look cool. thanks

  22. Rumba, Passang Dorjey

    Hey Ashley… Haven't seen much of you lately. Would love to see videos on outfit ideas for different occassions.

  23. I dont know why someone, besides price, would get the stan smiths over a common projects achilles

  24. I'm not a white shoe kinda guy (gray sneakers for me).

    These would probably be the only pair I'd buy and even then I wouldn't wear them much.

    White shoes are a pain.

  25. Wow the highest size for them is 8 so 90% of your audience is excluded from buying them

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