RAREST ($$$) & BIGGEST Sneaker Collection in the Philippines!

RAREST ($$$) & BIGGEST Sneaker Collection in the Philippines!


  1. 11k na,konting push pa

  2. Sir Bigboy is a purveyor in the Art scene, kaya mani lang yung sneakers sa kaniya!

  3. joemel silapan

    Insane!!! Thanks for the Update Carlo!!! hoping and praying to win the Prophere…. I really need that now in my life… but can't afford one yet…

  4. Nikko Ataylar

    Great video gonna tell this to my friend.

  5. Ang lupit talga boss mahirap lng aq pero need q mag ipon pra makabili aq nyan dyan mismo ang lakas maka bae hahaha

  6. Aint no HypeTrain

    I sooo wanna go to manila. It's summer vacay naaa.

  7. Just like Sneaker Don

  8. Grabe ang sarap tignan yun lang haha

  9. angelo flores


  10. Mico Alcantara

    pang hypebeast na shoes

  11. uriel manawatao

    Talo pa si Qiasomar and Money Kicks jan

  12. Grabe hindi lang rare sobrang mahal pa nung eminem carhartt saka ang cool nung raf simons na adidas. Nice video sir carlo

  13. This is what we called HEAVEN

  14. Cheska Pascua

    Hanggang kelan tong exhibit?

  15. Fernando Pillejera

    Maganda sana kung binebenta eh, nakapanglalaway lng 😀

  16. yung iba nya sneakers so hype hypebeast den sha

  17. Roland Jhon Ronquillo

    @_@ Woooo!

  18. Denzel Medina

    that's the most insane sneaker collection i've ever seen,hope to see it in personal,thankyou sir carlo ople for making this video 🙂

  19. "You cannot touch"
    proceeds to touch sneakers for video
    Was that you holding the kicks or was that clip from someone else, even so I thonk only the owner would be able to hold em

  20. glenn magbanua

    Astig nc video sir

  21. Congrats to you and the growth of the channel, just wish you didn't use Seth Fowler's BG music.

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