Rich Kid Adventures | Sneaker Collection vs Romello

Rich Kid Adventures | Sneaker Collection vs Romello


  1. it’s pronounced nikie

  2. Tekkerz kid just beat romello, but mello , fair play like if u agree

  3. Yo. First of all, U HAVE SICK CREPS

  4. sorry but when i saw the yeezys i was like damn but he pulls out the creams instead of like the breds or belugas cis rn they sold over 1m pairs of them they cost no more than like £180

  5. Round 5 lorenzo

  6. Round 4 lorenzo

  7. Round 3 lorenzo

  8. Round 2 lorenzo

  9. Round 1 Romello wins

  10. he can't be the only person with those shoes there are people with way bigger sponsors than him like cr7 Lebron James all. the big athletes

  11. Jaiden Prinstern

    Air max 95

  12. Opeoluwa Oketikun

    romello is the winer

  13. Romellos cost more cos he’s adult size

  14. All them shoes but you don’t have braces

  15. Remello won

  16. Adidas?

  17. Archie Vinnicombe


  18. Mellow

  19. That crazy shoe that has like 3 Nike shoes mixed together are trash

  20. cool grey 12s are way better than the air force 1 utilitys

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