Rita Ora Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Rita Ora Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  1. Savage Backyard Ballerz

    Do one with Kodak Black

  2. Matias Frangioni

    3:25 Buggin' out 4s

  3. Bit of a contrast between this and bella hadid's episode.

  4. The look she gave the cashier at 7:52 tells me she likes women, and that shes doing the fucking in the relationship lol

  5. very nice sneakers

  6. Tiara Kidung Dewani

    God damn she cute

  7. This host Joe is fuckn lame as shit I hate him as the host get him outta here I Wana Rob and pistol whip his teeth in

  8. The host is lame as fuck

  9. Everyone wants Travis Scott fuck him he's corny and I hate this host he's a fuckn lame 4real Everytime I see him I Wana punch em n his face he is a lame

  10. She's sexy

  11. 1:30 when they become scary

  12. God, I hate Adidas…

  13. Isaac_And_Henry_Vlogs

    omG She hAs tHE ObSeSsIoN wItH tHE Jordan 13S LikE mE

  14. Do silento

  15. Tennis hu are £90/$105 in england

  16. The Real Post Malone

    You should bring in conor mcgregor, or floyd.
    Edit: how tf does she find intress in thae whit adidas???

  17. The Real Post Malone

    She pronounces it ADEDAS

  18. She's from England, she has no idea what these shoes are about.

  19. as she wears her 35 quid reebok classics

  20. Do bill nye the science guy

  21. LMAO Sack joe he’s so awkward

  22. I swear that bitch Rita Ora got a big mouth

  23. Get kehlani on here!!

  24. I Love Your Hate

    She seems way cooler than that phony wigga hoe bella hadid

  25. Id suck a fart out her ass

  26. Saying in my hood in a British accent doesn’t work. Stay in yo lane lol Chicago alone has more murders than many countries. We don’t wanna hear bout you flipping tea packets out of your flat.

  27. She such a hoe can just tell

  28. Punch her

  29. She tries too hard to be cool

  30. Lord of ur dukes

    Sexiest Albanian ever

  31. Do xxxtentacion, Trippie redd, 69, asap rocky, drake

  32. celebrity vines

    I just wanna say “simple living, high thinking”

  33. Um what is she wearing?

  34. Do sneaker shopping with SOB x RBE

  35. what the tenis HU 225 dollars?

  36. i love her sm

  37. You should do Weeknd , Travis , JB,

  38. rihanna pls

  39. There is no album lol

  40. This homegirl like

    Got It

  41. seems like a cool as chick, thought shed be more into fashion tho, wearing a large male's 3 piece.

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