1. Michigan 12 sold
    Chicago 13 sold
    Navy 13 low $215
    History 13 sold
    French blue $260
    Gym red 12 $250
    Turbo 1 sz sz9.5 sold
    Black n gold mid 1 sold
    Melo 12 sz 9 $230
    Turbo sz 8 sold
    DMP pack sold

  2. all GRs………

  3. You don't vinyl wrap the soles? Is that only for icy soles? I've been considering wrapping even my non icy soles esp white color soles.

  4. Your just gonna keep yeezys hypebeast

  5. Good look you being self aware you bought just way too many on impulse that you weren't really over the moon for. Now for you to just keep that same energy the rest of 2019 so you're not having to do this all over again because I know it has to be a lot of time for you to sell each shoe!

  6. Christian Swingley

    You should use stockx to see what things are going for since that’s more of a straight price

  7. Surprisingly you’re not selling any yeezys all the shit you talk about yeezy

  8. Where is dammdee on this with these prices an reselling

  9. You tight fuckin NIP your worst then stock x. Go eat Kat/dog stirfry!!!!!!

  10. I need to do this with my collection as well..

  11. Goat prices are usually higher than stock x. Just sayin..goat must be paying a lot of shoetubers all of sudden because I see a lot of them mentioning them a lot now instead of stock x

  12. So hard to go through collection and let stuff go. But shit man we all buy way to many shoes. This shit has as all hooked. Lol. Over the last 2 years u have bought o over 100 pairs of shoes and sold a out 15 of them. I might be selling my bred yeezy 350s too. Dead stock. They have been sitting. Some shoes look cool but you just wont ever wear em. Like you said.

  13. Wait what?!?! U a reseller now?!?! Nah I’m just playin. Fair prices imo.

  14. Damn bro u had me going in the beginning!

  15. You’re not Goat

  16. Everything u said 35 %off should be about right

  17. I want to purchase all for 1g where can I reach u?

  18. GOAT ?? Try stock x dude..

  19. Strait up Flight Club PRICES!!!

  20. Those are no heat bro. Sell your Off- White, classic Jordan 1’s or some heat man. These are all sit shoes

  21. Damn 11.5 here or 12

  22. Love your vids bro! The dmp pack is so fire! Keep it up

  23. Dude why so much ?? Good luck selling them

  24. truthseeker89 for life

    Lol bro you should just buy shoes you really want

  25. Yea u talking a L alright lol

  26. do a giveaway bro

  27. bro i aint gone lie u hella taxin .not on all of em but still smh…lmao some of these joints still posted in the store and shoe sites ….and please mention Stock X prices. i know u dont mess with them as much but..everybody knows GOAT is gonna have the higher price….def keep the mid top and cherrys like thats an og

  28. Damn I wish I was a size 9.5

  29. I don’t get why people are mad about the prices lol the prices are fair especially, since they are DS OG all

  30. Yo @jumpmankris why don’t you put in consignment like flight club or UN ? You can ship it to them

  31. Nice shoes but he selling them for the high.. you trina rob us

  32. Good way to cop some heat that you passed or missed out on from years ago

  33. What size are the French Blue’s?

  34. Trippin

  35. These r priced to high. Saw in ur comments u r referring to people giving opinions as amateurs because they are low ballers. Lol. Isn’t that who u r trying to take advantage of here? The amateurs? Anyone in the shoe game with knowledge wouldn’t pay ur price. They would go to stock x or a face book group. Just cause u don’t use stock x doesn’t mean others don’t. So don’t discredit or put down amateurs because that’s ur target not to mention ur no pro. U pay for slots buddy! U pay resell A LOT LOL, AMATEUR!!! Ur head be knocked so hard it’s got u looking like a bobble head. Lol and if comments or opinions r bothering u it’s all part of the game. U r a content provider u open ur content, ur actions, and ur view points to to opinions from the public u provide content to. This is you tube.

  36. Asking $200 for Jordan 13s is a no no

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