1. Round 2 is basically GameStop at this point started with a vision but everyone wants to sell and no one is buying can’t stay in business like that

  2. cause it's horrible economy bro everyone wants to be a rapper or murder other rappers for lute no more sneaker heads

  3. If the black union 1’s are still for sale let me know (as long as there size 10 or 10.5)

  4. Tibography Studios

    i know what you are saying man you don't need to say it 1000000 times

    great video i just subbed

  5. They’re going broke

  6. I brought in a DS snowcamo box logo hoodie to the LA store and they offered me only store credit as well

  7. Devin McCaskill

    Went to the Richmond location today and they was lowballing on everything

  8. That's the problem with reselling people buy out stock and alot of times end up holding things and cant sell them. Somethings have no resell value no matter how hyped. But they resell for 600 but if nobody is buying at 600 is it worth 600

  9. Dope xmas gifts. U got some nice friends

  10. I feel the same way sometimes with RT. I’m down here in Miami and they bought the first time but the last couple times they say we are not buying or trading today…

  11. Shit hit me up I would’ve brought both unions no hesitation

  12. Nice vid man! Loved the idea of showing that you can't hold on two expensive releases when you buy other hyped releases for resale! Btw I think Round Two should at least took Union's. You can tell they wanted them with offer, but think in this transaction especially they got greedy only offering credit and let these (an easy sale for them) slip through

  13. Fuck getting rid of Jordan 1's for Yeezes

  14. They offered me store credit only for 3 bogos, a pair of uncs and bred yeezys

  15. Yo how much for the blue pair??

  16. same thing with the new box logo crewnecks, 600 store credit only

  17. $700. Us NY cats always overcharging how in the world you got those for 7 bills. come up lol

  18. Jean-Marc Etienne

    Put some respect on the peach gummies

  19. The fall of round two

  20. Bro if they DS unions just go to flightclub and drop of trust me they will quick match the lowest price thank me later kid and you’ll get the high

  21. ArmaniXperience

    Those turtle doves were fresh as hell for a used pair & they're legit!! You def got a good deal. And also Round Two has probably put the brakes on buying considering probably more people are trying to sell there than actually spend money in their store. At the end of the day its a business and they have to keep it running. I'm a stadium & flight club guy, they've been good to me $$$

  22. The do that sometimes cause they have to much inventory and no one in NYC is spending shit but wanna be hype(smh) so they only give credit at some point but if your go in at the right time they will cash you out for sure. Just gotta go in the right time, keep knocken lol

  23. Zachary Lieberman

    I'm selling a pair of DS off-white chicago ones and two pairs of core red 350 V2's, if anyone is interested hmu on ig @zachlieberman43

  24. Dam I knew the Miami store was a mistake people don’t fuck with supreme like that down there. And that’s crazy there trying do credit only people like them cause u could get some quick cash

  25. this store is one of the best stores in the country. U guys need to understand how to run a business, and they do it better than everyone, they have tens of the amount of shoes u tried to sell for cash.

  26. Yo bro if you still have them black Levi 4s I'll cash you out and you ship to me in Arizona.. hit me wit a alley oop bro plz

  27. Bruhhh the unions are fire

  28. Round 2 might be going down

  29. Do you plan on buying some air yeezys??

  30. execute order 66

    hypebeast problems

  31. Round Two outgrew themselves

  32. So are they forced to buy everything everytime? So yall don't get salty? Thats stupid, just a reminder ITS A BUSINESS

  33. Kids mad theyre going to businesses trying to take money from them which is the complete opposite of a business lol what a joke, idiots.

  34. David Gutierrez

    Round two is a business at the end of the day, they need to make money, lots of people go and sell but not many buy as much anymore, this is just based off LA store thou, so yeah, but idk how NYC works

  35. They banned me from their south beach location lol they do this store credit at SB store cause no ones buying stuff from them. I have a 16 minute video of them not buying anything that I plan on releasing soon

  36. Union's > TD's

  37. Round two is not buying shit anymore it is turning Just another store

  38. Happened to me too

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