Shoe-Lovers Design Their Own Shoes

Shoe-Lovers Design Their Own Shoes

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Those are both hideous……..sorry not sorry.

  2. "I LOVE sneakers. I wear them literally 75% of my week" ..Oh boi. I wear sneakers every day.

  3. What is on jazzs face? Either she has may too dark brobzer…or she got sunburned…only on her cheeks…

  4. Whut deee fugggg!!! I want i wanttt!


  6. Who else is watching in 3.00 am and I have school today… WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF

  7. Jazz is queen! She always has the best fashion she slays all day!

  8. Can he do fabric shoes or just leather

  9. teapotsfloating gaming

    Don't eat a clock

    It's time consuming

  10. That thumbnail is the tackiest shoe I have ever seen

  11. Who is watching with socks on

  12. Sorry… those but those shoes are the are not fire they are a bucket of water
    With puke and dye in it

  13. Omg I want to make one shoe just like Balenciaga's style ;-;

  14. 0:27 yeah go cards


  16. Her shoes are doing tacky. Not hating but stating my opinion

  17. He is wearing an STL shirt for the cardinals and I am from stl

  18. Her hair color changed 3 times in this video

  19. Ella_the_UniPug _who's_a_HUFFLEPUFF

    Who’s here before 1m views

  20. Alejandra Villarreal

    Why does the orange jacket look like the jacket from the MV Fly by GOT7

  21. My brother is named Tristan

  22. YO Phillies fans represent!!!

  23. Those colors…. As a graphic designer I uhhhh…. No

  24. Okay I mean those shoes are really cool but their color schemes and designs are like if a person on drugs mind was put onto shoes. They make my eyes hurt

  25. If you like shoes that would be amazing and not buying 150$shoes from Nike

  26. I only like the guys tbh.

  27. They forgot to state the fact that customizing sneakers cost a fortune

  28. I'll never understand the concept of custom shoes with fake designer prints all over them.

  29. Am I the only person who hates those shoes a lot?

  30. Her "eek" though

    Adorable ;u;

  31. Giovanna Gasparini


  32. wait i live in England are sneakers just trainers can see one help meh out plz I'm so confused

  33. It would bother me sm if I had two different shoes. Anyone else?

  34. Why are her eyes red tf ?

  35. "Break your neck" what a great name to attract visitors

  36. I have a pair of Nike I'd shoes that my brother designed for me I love them and I wear them ALL the time aha

  37. This is totally a clickbait! They designed nothing!

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