ShoeZeum Guided Tour: 2,000 Pairs in 11 Minutes

ShoeZeum Guided Tour: 2,000 Pairs in 11 Minutes


  1. dude's been skipping arm day

  2. Bro went way to fast

  3. Gotta have the Marty mcflys

  4. Where are the Nike Mags????

  5. This tgis a personal museum??

  6. So its like a supped up sneaker stadium????

  7. He the type of dude to divorce his wife if she stole one of his kicks

  8. wish I could visit this looks so sick but I live in London 🙁

  9. One word. Retarded

  10. I wounded how hard it is to pick a shoe everyday

  11. probably a museum only interesting for himself

  12. giancarlo stanton

    This dude is a strait fuccboi.

  13. How do you afford all those shoes what do you do for a living or before the shoes you don't work no regular job

  14. Michelle Calinog


  15. This shit is corny

  16. Ahaha dreams of the past masters realized

  17. i dont even know where to start on the and who the fuck cares. the fact this is a thing is a sad tribute to humanity. seriously? shoes made in china are a fucking treasure? well your in luck cause they are made every day. in mass. this dude has a house full of useless rubber and cloth. id take it if he paid me $1,000

  18. Mexican Parodies

    He forgot the Nike HyperVenom

  19. Dexter Crisostomo


  20. Wow. That collection has to be worth at least $10,000. I could never afford it 🙁

  21. no bttf Section! WTF!

  22. donald trump is gonna confiscate those mexico border nikes

  23. The one bad thing about this he probably doesn't wear any of those shoes

  24. Wow smart guy…

  25. Sorry don't know much but don't shoes break down if you wrap them ?

  26. Gay guy did a good job

  27. Was that guy who Rick was trying to finesse with 300,000?

  28. finna break into there and steal all of it

  29. I love this guy. I thought I was a shoe geek.

  30. i cant seem to locate the low top acg ????

  31. After look at this, i love yeezy

  32. Jordan Michael 234523 – like it was fate

  33. so where is the shoezeum now? that landlord sounds like a real asshole… i watched the video about nike comming

  34. I would guess that's the best collection in the world

  35. would u suck dick for this whole son called "museum"

  36. Julian Rosenbaum

    No yeezy's?

  37. This dude says Hawaii when there's a Jamaica flag 6:17 ….L

  38. do you have the low top acg?

  39. I would have a hard time walking through here, as my hard on would be knocking over kicks left and right.

  40. Where is the 6hr tour?

  41. ZOOM AUS DFR 213

    Reckon he has the Wu tang Air Force 1's ?

  42. when he said playboy in was dead

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