ShoeZeum on Owning Nike’s 1st Sneaker created valued at $100k

ShoeZeum on Owning Nike’s 1st Sneaker created valued at $100k


  1. Wasn't the first shoe the "Cortez"? Which were originally a product of Blue Ribbon, but were adopted into Nike

  2. So did he sell it? Cause if he did he a bitch hahaha

  3. This guy represents everything wrong with sneaker sellers. Hes an asshole.

  4. Dude built like Gru

  5. put some crep protect on them kicks

  6. I hope they made him put on a condom for that fucking he gave them!lol

  7. Dana White owns a fuck ton of shoes

  8. $100,000?
    It's obviously used, wtf.

  9. What a scumbag. He offered those poor people 15k and in the same breath says there worth easily 100k? This dudes a douchbag he's worse than any pawn shop in Boston. Mayor is my dude

  10. This Guy Is Crazy

    who's buzz Aldrin?

  11. Didn't this p.o.s just tell the nice old guy who found it it was only worth 1500. Now all of a sudden its worth 100k??? I hope a rat eats that shoe!

  12. Close one eye and squint out of the other and dude low-key looks like Dana White's weird brother.

  13. What a peace of sh*t !!! Never trust any place that is a pawn shop or a place like this that still buys things that's exclusive. He knew what it was really worth. To bad the people that sold it to him didn't no better. He should of least have em twenty five to thirty grand:

  14. "valued" and "made up number" are a fine line, I get he has some credibility but there is no market value for the shoe.

  15. on feet please

  16. Who tf would buy that thing for 100k


    Damn nigga why do you talk like you bored ir talk rude asf nigga fix the way u talk pussy ass nigga

  18. Jakob The Hypebeast

    1. No physical proof that this was literally the first Nike sneaker ever
    2. Only half the shoe, can't be worn (clearly) and yes, I know it's a piece of history, too.
    3. Auctions always go for more than the actual worth of an item
    4. You literally just decided the price on the spot.

    All I'm saying is, if you went to ANY Pawn Shop with a decent reputation, they'd offer you at MOST $60,000

  19. this bruh looks like rick harrison lmao

  20. hold this L

  21. YourLocalBoostGod

    Crook ass mf

  22. This nigga got no bitches lmaooo

  23. Jesus Abreu-Gil

    50 k for flight 45s Take this L

  24. Jonathan Cartagena

    thats a true piece of art

  25. The guys who sold him that shoe must be going nuts. If I got over on someone to such a degree I sure as hell wouldn't publicize it. Dude paid $1540 for $100,000 shoe

  26. charlie mauntroy

    I'd give $3.50 for both

  27. mauriano baruso

    This is either really cool~or really funny !

  28. Daniel Cosgrove

    Does this guy know who the athlete was who used this shoe

  29. I appreciate that this guy actually likes sneakers and he knows the history, kids these days only want the Kobe 11 fade to blacks

  30. The Univetsity Of Oregon is only 15 minutes away from my house… anyone else?

  31. I like how he respects the whole history hes not just another fat dude that only collect basketball shoes that he will never wear cus he's to fat to play

  32. highest level of consumers #newslave

  33. All you idiots saying this shoe is a piece of shit and is worthless obviously have no idea on the history of Nike.. Steve Prefontaine and Bill Bowerman are fucking legends. A shoe like this is literally rarer than any shoe Nike has ever made and is priceless

  34. Campbell Wilson

    It's Nike not nikey


  36. They fake boost looks off

  37. Agustin ImAgus_

    why does he have 3 red octobers lol

  38. way too rip off that nice Oregon family dude is dushe

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